Monday, May 21, 2007

Zoonked Out

I've only known Little Bit for a whopping 14 months but as her mommy and most favorite person in the entire universe I think I can speak for her when I say that I've only seen her completely worn out, eyes refusing to stay open, nuclear bomb going off won't wake her, tired on two occasions.

Here passed out on our kitchen table when she was 3 months old.

And on Saturday as we were leaving the zoo.

Apparently it's more comfortable to throw yourself forward when you're passed out rather than lay back in your nice comfy stroller. I still have a bunch of zoo pics to go through but this one just cracked me up so I had to post it first. And wow....what a difference a year makes! Looking back at older pictures (if you consider a year old picture old!) ALWAYS amazes me. I know I sound like an old timer but seriously where does the time go?


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am CONSTANTLY marvelling at how fast time has passed since Jonathan was born. Everyone tells you that, but you really don't get it until you actually have a baby and experience it for yourself!

Sophie is SO cute passed out in the stroller. And I love the picture in the Bumbo--that thing must be comfortable because Jonathan used to fall asleep in it, too!

supermommysquared said...

I can't get Max to stay in it long enough to go to sleep, but maybe one day. I still love the Bumbo and that picture is so cute...I see where she got her nickname, she is so cute and little.

Elizabeth said...

I have never seen a Bumbo (I think it says). That looks really neat. Sophia looks so cute and I am glad she waited until you were leaving the zoo to zonk out instead of in the middle of your visit. I can only hope she zonked out after dinner and not before way back when!