Monday, May 21, 2012

On the Horizon

Big things are on the horizon for little pirate.  She only has 5 more days of kindergarten left! When she gets off the bus next Tuesday she'll know who her first grade teacher is going to be. FIRST GRADE people! They have tests in first grade! I foresee another period of morning coming on in August for this mama. 

And those kids getting off the bus don't know it yet, but they will be ambushed with water balloon, silly string, and super soakers as soon as the bus has rolled away. The "Last Day of School" celebration will begin! Who doesn't want to get off the bus to a surprise ice cream party! 

Unfortunately, 2 days after the last day of school, Soph goes in for a hernia repair surgery. Bummer. I hate it so much for her. My typically brave girl will be so scared on Thursday morning. Keeping her down for recovery is going to be so hard on her. The doctor says that she should only be down for a few days. We shall see. I hope she is right because no one wants to start summer being bed ridden.  No swimming for a few weeks is definitely going to be the hardest part. 

Just like last year she is going to have a babysitter 2 days a week and go to summer camp at her old pre-school 3 days a week. This year she gets a super sweet teenage babysitter. I've only met her once and talked to her a few times but I already really like her.  And I LOVE that there is a week that she can't watch Soph b/c she has animals in the county fair that she has to be with the entire week. There is something to be said about a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty and can waltz a cow around. 

And speaking of farm girls, Little Bit is all signed up for horse came for the end of July. Giddy up! Steven is going to have to pick her up though or I'll be driving down the interstate going into anaphylactic shock because my girl will be covered in horse hair. I think I'm more allergic to horses than Soph is allergic to peanuts!

This guy is doing really well and he puts up with a lot. 

Except for the fact that he will NOT leave my side. And I'M NOT THE DOG PERSON in this house! He is keeping me at the vet though. He had a skin issue so he's been on meds for over a month now. Even the girl at the vets office admitted that she felt sorry for me. 

Check out the world's tiniest acolyte. 

CUTE. Ignore the weird face. She was eating a doughnut. She's a little on the obsessed side though. She thinks she could get to be an acolyte every Sunday.