Monday, April 30, 2007

3 Amigos

Aren't they cute? They had just finished up a game of catch with Oscar the Boxer. Of course Sophie can only throw the soccer ball a whooping two feet but I'm sure Oscar appreciates any attention he can get. And did you notice that she's sitting on the grass! Mission accomplished.

I just find this one amusing. It takes a lot of work for a 22 pound little girl to heave a soccer ball!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I ♥ my 50mm 1.8

I'm in LOVE with this new lens and I feel strongly that every mommy out there needs one. So go tell your husbands that you don't want a new need one. And while you are at it tell mine that I need a new computer because I'm getting pretty darn sick of it taking 5 minutes to open up a photo.

Ok sales pitch over. So Sophie's "thing of the day" is to lay on her back in the tub. She must like the way things sound underwater because she'll just lay there real quiet (which is strange for Miss Motormouth) like she's listening to something. I'm not sure if she'll be able to lay in water like this once she gets tubes in her ears. And will you check out her big pucker! The very moment I laid eyes on her in the hospital I said to Seven, "look at her cute big lips." This afternoon we were at a bridal shower and my friend from high school who hadn't met Little Bit said the exact same thing! Watch out Angelina!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chow Time

Can I tell you how much I hate this whole "self feeding" thing. I know she has to learn but I really wish that I could delegate 100% of this duty to the wonderful teachers at daycare and call it a day. It's beyond messy and slooooow. Not that I am opposed to Sophie getting dirty. My laziness is opposed to cleaning up the mess.

This evening we had breakfast for dinner, which basically means that I desperately need to go grocery shopping. Reluctantly I handed the spoon over when Miss. Independent started crying and reaching for the spoon. Yogurt is of course runny so I think more of it landed on her rather than in her mouth! I think this summer I'll just roll her highchair out onto the deck and hose her off when she's finished eating. But I have to admit it was pretty cute watching her concentrate so hard.

This one is classic. She finally threw the spoon to the dog and decide that her hand was a better utensil.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I love how babies have no concept of something being dirty. Because if my kid understood the concept I can guarantee you that she would not be wallowing around on a nasty, smelly, probably flea infested dog pillow that only gets washed once every 6 months. You couldn't pay me to lay my head on that thing. But here's Miss. Sophie B. having a grand time on Oscar's bed. Happy as a pig in sh*t. Now that's one you don't hear every day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frequent Flyer

If you could earn frequent flyer miles for visiting the doctor I would have earned a trip to Fiji by now. Yep that's right Little Bit has another ear infection. I have been to the doctor around 8 times in the past three to four weeks! It's completely INSANE!With this ear infection Sophia didn't "complain" as much as she normally does so sadly I think that she's starting to get use to the pain. So as soon as we get this infection cleared up we are headed to the ENT. Everyone please send good thoughts and prayers our way that we don't have any freaky reactions from this new antibiotic.

And the FedEx guy finally decided to deliver my new lens. I really haven't gotten a chance to play with it but I think I'm going to LOVE it. Above is a pic that I took this evening with it. We were actually able to coax Sophie into sitting in the grass for 1.2 seconds!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I don't "do" grass

Apparently grass isn't Sophia's thing. On Saturday we made an early morning stop by the park and this is about as far as she got.

She then gives us this look which to me says "are you kidding, you don't expect me to walk on grass do you?"

Rocks, concrete, astro turf, she'll walk on anything but grass! So for the rest of the weekend we tried practicing on grass. She's starting to get a little better but for the most part she looks at us like we are crazy. Unfortunately this is probably yet another trait she has inherited from her dear mother. I hate to admit this but when I was little (around 5) my grandpa would sometimes take me to school in the mornings. He would CARRY me from my house to his truck and then from the truck into school so my feet never had to touch the ground!! Can you say S-P-O-I-L-E-D! I'm sure this tidbit of information doesn't surprise a lot of you...I know which ones of you are thinking this.... JEALOUS! Just kidding!!!!

And here's one of daddy and Sophie, happy as a clam on concrete.

Friday, April 20, 2007


FINALLY the sun decided to come out and it decided to come out on a day that both me and Steven had off from work. Steven took a well deserved day off to play golf in the morning and it just happened to be my Friday off (you know I think that I'm probably one of the few attorneys on the planet that only works four days a week).

This evening after dinner we decided to roll the highchair outside, strip down to a onesie, and let Little Bit go to town on a "mini" Popsicle. Did you guys know that they make "mini" Popsicles? I was completely unaware of these tiny frozen jewels on a stick until my friend with 2 kids enlightened me on the subject. Once again showing me that there are just some things that you don't figure out until you become a member of the parent club. Sophie of coursed loved her watermelon flavored treat. She kept looking at us and saying "mmmmm." And Daddy loved scrubbing off the red stained mouth and hands in the tub! On a side note just so I can make a little fun of my weird-o totally gives Steven the heebeegeebees when Sophie eats a Popsicle (or anyone else for that matter). He hates wooden sticks or things on a stick i.e. tooth picks, corn dogs, Popsicles, wooden spoons. He says it's like "chewing on tin foil." Weirdo, I can't imagine living life with out a good corn dog every now and then!

I had to add this last photo because it cracks me up the way she's laid back all Al Bundy like in her highchair. Check out the feet! I swear this pose looks EXACTLY like something I'd do.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hanging Out

Sorry that I haven't posted for a few days...and this pic isn't the best but it's all I've got at the moment. Yesterday I turned the big 2-9 AND it was the last day of tax season so we had some celebrating to do. GiGi came over and watched Sophie and Steven and I met for a nice dinner. Lucky for me, I was able to fit in some shopping before dinner. So in 3 days a 50 mm 1.8 lens will be delivered to my house. I'm sooooo excited about the lens (of course I'm not exactly sure if it will make a difference in my photo taking).

I snapped this picture of Sophia on Sunday. She's now discovered that she can fit inside the kitchen cabinets. I have cabinet locks on every cabinet but this one. Every kid needs access to a few pots and pans to bang the heck out of!

On a side note...I can't BELIEVE that I am 29. That's OLD!!! I mean I'll be 30 next year! I swear I sometimes look at my 19 year old cousin and just wish that I could change places with her for a few days. be 19, skinny, and not have a care in the world except figuring out what you were going to do that night. But I'd only want to be 19 for a few days, then I'd want to come back to Little Bit and Steven and our happy little world in our little house.

Monday, April 16, 2007

You know there is trouble...

When you seen this....

And hear silence on the other side.

How can one little girl completely empty a bookshelf in less than a minute? I don't know why I even bothered to put the darn books back on the shelf. The next time I turn my back she's just gonna do it again. I'm not kidding when I say that this is the fifth time in 2 days that I've had to put the books back! I have to admit that it's starting to get on my nerves but she doesn't seem to notice that while she's sitting in the middle of the pile of books!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

In Honor of ME!!

Drats!! I've been tagged again by Janice to do a Birthday MeMe. Since my birthday is on Tuesday I thought this would be fun. You go to Wikipedia (anyone know exactly how you pronounce that?) and see the events of the day you were born. Here we go April 17:

3 Events That Occurred That Day:
1397- Geoffrey ChaucerGeoffrey tells the Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II.
1861- American Civil War- Virginia secedes from the Union.

1964- Ford unveils the Mustang at the NY World's Fair.

2 Important Birthdays
1837- My Great-great Grandpa, J.P Morgan, American financier and philanthropist
1972 - My BFF from Charleston WV, Jennifer Garner, American actress

1 Death
1790- Benjamin Franklin, American inventor, diplomat, and printer

Holiday or Observance
Nada (except for Liturgical Feast day for a bunch of Catholic Saints)

Ok so now to the fun part. Janice posted a few pics of her as a kid. HOW FUN!!! So now I challenge EVERYONE to post a picture of themselves as a kidd-0. And don't even say that you don't have any on your computer or a scanner b/c I went all ghetto like and took a picture of a picture! So drum-roll please........Here I am circa 1982 as a Strawberry Shortcake Majorette. I must say that I have nice legs for a 4 year old!!! And I'm loving the Dorothy Hamill hair-do, thanks mom!

Lets go: Maria, Andrea, Heather, Stephanie, and Anne. I want to see those pictures!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

This is the way....

...we brush our hair...brush our hair....brush our hair.....

This is the way we read our our our book.

Lately Little Bit has been wanting to do everything herself. It's cute but also very annoying if you ask me because usually it involves a huge mess i.e feeding herself with a spoon but I guess she's gotta learn. Right before bath time tonight she decide to brush her hair and then read a book. She loves her animal book. So far she can make a lion sound (which sounds more like a pirate's arrrrrgh) and she does a little monkey dance. I think we need to work on the basic animals like the pig, cow, and dog and save the exotics for later. Man is my kid a NUT. (Sorry about the blown out lamp in the first pic it sort of looks like a spirit like in the movie the Sixth Sense.)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Tale of Two Little People

Jose is the zoo keeper at the Fisher Price Learning Zoo. He works really hard taking care of all 26 animals.

Penny joined us on Easter morning. She spends her time hanging out in her house shaped like an Easter egg.

One day Jose and Penny met and fell in love. The rest they say is history.

So I didn't get around to capturing any photos of Sophie tonight. She was super tired and went to bed again at 7 o'clock. But right before her bath I caught her in her play room standing on her pink chair near the window. After I put her to bed I went back into the playroom to straighten up and saw Jose and Penny locking lips on the window seal. Now how she got Penny to balance on Jose I'll never know. I tried it myself after I separated them to take their individual shots and I had a hard time making them "kiss." I have a million photos of Sophie giving kisses to everyone and everything but apparently she now likes to have her toys give one another kisses! I guess she's a lover not a fighter! Steven's already sweating it!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Go Baby Go

Little Bit finally figured out how to use her feet to move her ride-on! It's so cute to watch her zoom around, especially when she puts it in reverse and goes backwards. However, I should clarify that she can't do it on every ride-on just one. The reason: her short stubby legs (courtesy of her mama) won't reach the ground on all of the other ones!And apparently sunglasses are a must when you are sporting your new wheels. Thank-you Andrea for giving Sophia the midget ride-on! Doesn't she have an Evel Knievel type look about her in this picture? (I wish GiGi's arm could be cropped out, darn it. )

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Giddy Up

My dad's side of the family happens to be bonkers for horses, Tennessee Walking horses to be exact. I'm deathly allergic to the things and quite frankly, I think they stink. But my dad's side (more commonly refered to as my "crazy" side, which is actually a compliment) is making it their mission to make Sophia a horse lover. Who cares that mommy's throat closes off, her eyes swell shut, and she develops hives. Anyway, my dad and Marilyn bought Mr. Horse (he desperately needs a name) before Little Bit could even crawl. For months and months he sat in our basement looking sad because no one would play with him. Occasionally I would squeeze one of his ears so he would make the "trotting" and "neigh" sound just to freak the dog out. Well all of the sudden Sophia has become OBSESSED with Mr. Horse. You guys just might get your horse lover but the pony is staying at your house!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Culinary Catastrophe

I recently heard that Rachael Ray catered and hosted the Senior Prom at Enterprise High School in Alabama, which is the school that was devastated by the tornado. I have to admit that helping out the school like that was awesome but I'm just not a fan of Rachael Ray. Every time you turn on the food network you are GUARANTEED to see that woman within 5 minutes. She annoys me with her cute little terms like EVOO and the stupid names that she gives recipes such as"Why-the-chicken-crossed-the-Road-SantaFe-Tastic-Tortilla-Soup"and "Crab and Corn Chowda-Mac." I'm sorry but both of those sound disgusting (granted I'm no Iron Chef). So what I didn't know is that Rachael Ray also catered Sophia's Spring Party at day care.

Have you ever seen such a disgusting mix of food in your life?!? Gracie's mom sent me this photo and I almost gagged when I saw this smorgasbord o'crap. Cupcakes and cheese puffs mixed together!!!! NASTY!!! I swear this looks like something that Rachael would whip up and call it "Cupcake Surprise." But it looks as though Sophia enjoyed the heck out of it!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hippity Hoppity...

Happy Easter Day!!!! To Sophia's delight one Mr. E. Bunny dropped off a basket full of goodies this morning. He left some Color Wonder, a Peter Pan DVD, sunglasses, sunscreen, a white chocolate bunny and a few other goodies. Sophie was a little late getting her basket this morning since she decided to sleep an extra two hours. Usually she wakes up like clockwork at 7 a.m but this morning she didn't wake up until 9 (yay mommy and daddy got to sleep in!!)! Today she seemed to feel a thousand times better. Maybe we are finally putting the sickness behind us. I'm just hoping we can go one whole week without going to the doctor!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Poor Little Bit is still not back to her old self. One look at her and you can tell that she doesn't feel well. She still has red dots all over her body (including her face), a runny nose, and watery eyes. And she's just sad. I want my happy Sophie B. back and I want her back now! I'm soooooo over her being sick and I'm sure she's over it too. This morning I tried putting her in the cutest "pillowcase dress" and hiding a few eggs around the house and she wanted nothing to do with it. She'd just lay down in the floor and cry. I wish I had some better pictures of her in her new dress. It looks adorable on her. Maybe tomorrow she'll feel a little better. After all the Easter Bunny will be stopping by our house in the morning!

Like the new watermark...this was my very first I've said before Photoshop is INSANELY difficult to figure out.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


First off, I'm up and running again! YAY! Now if I could just talk a certain husband into letting be buy a certain Mac that I have all picked out and all pimped out with memory. Anywho, on to Sophia. This morning I get yet another call from day care. On this morning's menu is a rash covering Little Bit's entire body. Well I'm none to worried about the rash. Every single time the kid has taken an antibiotic she gets these little red dots. They aren't contagious (i know this because I have taken her to the doctor 3 times now for these dots.) So in goes another call to the doctor and of course he's super busy. Finally around 1:30 I finally talk to the doctor and he says "bring her on in so I can tell you again that she's not contagious and she can go back to day care."

So everything is right with the world, right? WRONG! I pick up Little Bit and notice that her hands are blue. No scratch that, blackish and cold. Her feet are normal but 3 fingers on her left hand were this blackish color and two fingers are this strange pinkish color. So off I go to the doctor and tell the chick at the window that "I'm here for the non-contagious rash but in the meantime Sophia appears to have gangrene in her fingers so could we make it snappy." Even the chick at the window was like "OMG!" So he takes us back immediately but strangely the man isn't panicking like me. I even tell him that I'm "about to flip out!" But instead he's more "intrigued." We strip her down and see that she also has two purple arms!! In comes the medical students to observe my petri dish of a child. And off they go to hit the books (actually they probably jumped on webmd to find out what is wrong with Little Bit, who by the way is happy as a calm.) The Doctor is still intrigued and is looking at her like "wow, this is cool!" Finally, after a few phone calls with colleagues the diagnosis is yet another reaction to medicine! Of course I'm a bad mommy and forget the exact term that the doctor used. But by the time we left the office her hands were back to their normal color and they should remain that way since she's now on a different medicine.

Steven and I LOVE Sophie's doctor and I really believe that's she's getting the best care ever. It's not his fault thatSophie reacted the way she did. He's already called the house to check on her this evening and gave me his home number in case we see any more blue fingers. The man even said that if it would make me feel better, he would meet me tomorrow to check her out on his off day! Now what doc does that! (Kelly thank-you sooooo much for sending me to him.) So in the meantime Little Bit is constantly being inspected. Fingers crossed that this new medicine works! This is a really bad picture but when you are sick you get Popsicles that's all there is to it!


Pronounced -kan-di-dahy-uh-sis. Do you know what that means? Uh yeah, that means yeast infection, of the MOUTH! Two days after I had Little Bit at the doctor for her ear infection I get a call from day care that she has some strange looking blisters in her mouth. So off I go to the doctor yet again, to wait, wait, wait, and wait some more. We waited so long that the two of us fell asleep back in the examining room! Good thing I LOVE her doc or I might have went Nam on him or more likely on one of the two medical students currently interning. Medical students, that's a whole other subject for another blog. Anyway, turns out that Sophia had a reaction to the new antibiotic she had been taking resulting in thrush! So now she's on a new antibiotic, a cold and cough medicine, an oral yeast medicine that turns everything it touches yellow, and an ointment!! I'm crabby, she's even crabbier, I still don't have my new modem, and it's 30 degrees here today. So no new photos yet but this one from her b-day shoot is just so darn cute!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Well sort of...I don't have Internet at my house yet (stupid me ordered the wrong modem) but my mom does so here I am. Us girls had a fabulous weekend at Snowshoe. Gesh can the 6 of us talk, I hope none of your ears were burning too bad!! Unfortunately, I came home to a baby with yet another ear infection. So another trip to the doctor and another round of antibiotics for us. This time the doc mentioned the possibility of tubes. One more ear infection and I think that tubes our definitely in our future.

I haven't taken many pics lately since I can't use my computer. So for now here's a few quick ones that I snapped this evening. My poor sick Little Bit with her sad sad pigtails!