Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Giddy Up

My dad's side of the family happens to be bonkers for horses, Tennessee Walking horses to be exact. I'm deathly allergic to the things and quite frankly, I think they stink. But my dad's side (more commonly refered to as my "crazy" side, which is actually a compliment) is making it their mission to make Sophia a horse lover. Who cares that mommy's throat closes off, her eyes swell shut, and she develops hives. Anyway, my dad and Marilyn bought Mr. Horse (he desperately needs a name) before Little Bit could even crawl. For months and months he sat in our basement looking sad because no one would play with him. Occasionally I would squeeze one of his ears so he would make the "trotting" and "neigh" sound just to freak the dog out. Well all of the sudden Sophia has become OBSESSED with Mr. Horse. You guys just might get your horse lover but the pony is staying at your house!


Anonymous said...

How cute!! She needs a cowgirl hat!!!


Wendy said...

Elaina has one of those, and loves it. Even more weird? My 6 and my almost 5 year olds still fight over it. We have three rocking ponies and of course they always want the same one!!