Monday, October 26, 2009

Hoop it UP!

My kid desperately wants to hula hoop. Unfortunately, try as she might. Girl friend just can't quite figure it out.

She even tries the hoop around the neck method.

Mama, on the other hand, can hoop with the best of 'em. Actually, GiGi is the BEST hula hooper around. Wonder if we can snag a picture of that at some point!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All she needs is an ark

I'm not even lying when I say that in one day, my crazy child picked up and/or petted no less than 10 different animals. She picked up a cat, a dog, 4 or 5 different goats, 2 chickens, and a rabbit. Petted an alpaca, a sheep, a pig, a mini horse, and a 40 year old turtle. She tried to pet a kangaroo but he wanted no part of it. I bet that I haven't picked up that many animals in my LIFE! Especially a chicken! Who in their right mind feels that a chicken needs picked up? No doubt about it, the kid loves her some animals.

I guess I should explain where all of the animal lugging and petting came from. Sophie's little friend Hannah, from gymnastics, had a fall/birthday party and they had a petting zoo at the party. Who knew that you could even rent something like that around here! But you can, and it was totally AWESOME. At least for Sophie. I made Steven go out to the car and grab a bottle of hand sanitizer! Of course it was pointless because right after she would clean her hands she would head right back in with the animals.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Woes

1. This past weekend we hit the corn maze with Sophia for the second year in a row. Last year it was 80 degrees. This year it was a muddy mess. Sure enough Soph slipped on some mud, hit the ground, and yelled "Holy SMOKES, lets just get outta here!"

2. My friend Jenny emailed me at work today to tell me about the deal of all deals at theGreenbrier, $59 rooms! Rooms at that joint are normally $275 a night! But for a few dead weekends in November, December, January, and February they are doing a Tribute to the Virginias . So if you are from West Virginia or Virginia you can get a sweet deal. Jenny opted for a weekend in February but we can't go then because tax season starts rolling in February. So we are going in January sans Sophia B. Carr.

3. I can not even explain the frustration I've had with the Happiest Place on Earth this past week. More than 60 days in advance, almost EVERY character breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is booked up at Disney World. Such crap! What's even crappier is that their reservation system. It doesn't require a credit card or anything to reserve a time. So I'm guessing that turds just jump on the site and book any and everything, "just in case."

4. For the 1st time evah we are going to have some family photos taken. They aren't until February because the photographer was all booked up but that gives me plenty of time to find the perfect clothes and maybe loose some junk in the trunk. It's time. I want to remember how we are right now. Sophie and her crazy 3 year old, going on 4, self is the perfect time. AndRuthie Mae Cooper is the perfect photographer for us! I think we are going to do an urban session downtown.

5. Miss Stella is growing like a weed! 26 pounds already and only getting bigger. She's sleeping through the night which is SWEET. Lord, sounds like I'm talking about a newborn!

6. Oh I forgot this one. It's official, Sophia is OBSESSED with weddings and getting married. She discusses HER wedding all.the.time. Apparently she's having a pink cake that she's going to smash in her husband's face. A white dress with flowers on it. A veil. And candy WITH peanuts so other people can have them. Isn't that thoughtful, ha! She also says that she is going to marry a little boy in her class named Aiden. I don't think Aiden is aware of this. But the best part is that she was overheard chatting with some girls at school while waiting for the bathroom that she was, "falling in love." Can you believe that! I wish we would have never taken her to my cousin's wedding a few months ago! And where did she learn about "falling in love?!"

Ok I think I have to stop there. That just blows my mind. I hope that Steven is starting to save for his daughter's wedding because it sounds like its going to be quite the event!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

43 Months

Dear Sophia,

I'm on time this month! That's pretty impressive considering that I've slacked off in the blogging department. This month you've been interested in toilet humor. Seriously. Everyone is a poopy head these days. Or a poop stink, poopy butt, or poop nasty. And yes poop starts with the letter P. As does, pee and puke. I think this all got kick started when your daddy sang you a nice little number that goes something like this, "when you're sliding into first and you feel something burst, diarrhea!" Lovely isn't it?! You see I don't think your daddy realized how much you love singing and how you inherited that trait from yours truly. We can hear a song just a few times at it IS on. No matter the song.

Case in point, one glorious fall day in 1983, when your mama was in kindergarten, I walked in the door singing a song that goes, "there once was a man named Bill, who swallowed a dynamite pill, his chest expired, his arse backfired, and his, "gonads" (edited for grandmas) blew over the hill." You see GiGi, was unaware Pappaw Rocky had sung that little number and that it fell upon my cute little 5 year old ears. So when she came to pick me up from school that day, Mrs. Debbie pulled her aside and said, "do you know what Kimberly sang today?" I'm sure my mother, your Gi, wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Luckily, the word was out about Pappaw Rocky's antics so everyone knew that GiGi was an innocent victim.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm telling you this. Maybe it's because I now find it completely hilarious. Or I'm just preparing myself for you to go to school one day and sing the diarrea song, or worse!

So other than the toilet humor you've been a busy bee this month. We went on a little mini va-cay with Pappaw Rocky. All I'll say about that little trip is that Pappaw Rocky doesn't understand the significance of letting a 3 year old push the button on the elevator. You've spent a weekend with Grammy and PapPap and had a sleep over with Zachary. Before you went on this visit you told me that, "Zachary and Tyler and better not talk, or snore, and keep you up all night or you would, not be a happy camper!" I'm guessing that Zachary isn't a snorer because you ended up having a blast.

We have lots more to look forward to this month, especially Trick or Treat night. And you already know that Christmas is around the corner. I have a feeling that Christmas with an almost 4 year old this year is going to be magical. We can't wait to see how it all goes down.

With love,

the Man from Nantucket, I mean, your mama.