Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picnic Time

Oops, the week got away from me! I forgot to post some pictures of our little picnic we had on our way to snowshoe last week. Sophie ALWAYS wants to have a picnic. So we decided to take to take the scenic route and stop a little over 1/2 way and chow down. Most of the camp sites along the river were taken since it was Memorial Day weekend. Just when we were ready to give up we found a camp ground with picnic tables. I think we are going start doing picnics from now on when we travel. It's so much nicer to get out of the car and eat your own goodies rather than hurrying into the closest McDonalds. 

Stretching after being holed up in the car.

Laying out our goods!


And a rarity, a picture of me and my girl!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Might as well jump...

Go ahead and jump!

Sophia Danger Carr. I have a feeling that through the years  she'll want to sky dive, bungee cord jump, and base jump off the New River Gorge Bridge.  

On Sunday Snowshoe opened up their rock wall, bungee bounce, and Jupiter jump to everyone for FREE. That's a big deal because usually 5 minutes in the Jupiter jump will set you back $3. Sophie jumped in the Jupiter jump for about two minutes, came out and said I want to do THAT!  I had a feeling that there would be a weight  and height limit. Wrong. The weight limit was 20 pounds. Can you believe that! 20 pounds, seriously? Soph weighs 29 and I thought she seemed pretty small to be a human sling shot! The guy in charge kept pulling her down and shooting her up into the air and  it made me a little nervous. Sophie one the other hand, was having the time of her life. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Callin' the shots

We just returned home from a relaxing weekend in the mountains. I have lots of pics to post but I'll start with these from dinner on Saturday night with Katie, Dave & Jordan, and Jenny & Jared. We made reservations at the Elk River Inn & Restaurant which I've been dying to check out. I was a little worried because we had planned on swimming all day long. You just never know what kind of kid you are gonna get after a long day of swimming and this was a really nice restaurant. So we talked it up all week long and promised a hot fudge sundae if she was well behaved. And she was AWESOME! Except for the flying Dora Croc that landed in a guy's lap at the next table. But that wasn't all her fault. Steven did swoop her up on the quick side as he carried her to the bathroom. 

So she got that sundae....

And she made some new friends. 

And she gave them some flowers. 

And then she demanded that they go pick her some flowers. 

And then the chase was on.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Games of the 1st Olympiad

Four events: beam, vault, floor, and bars. Four perfect 10.0's and four gold medals (everyone won gold).

The three amigos. Little Sophie, Hannah Banana, and Holly Hobby. 

Event 1. The Beam. Notice the poise and grace.

The floor. Cartwheels take some concentration, especially when you hardly know your left foot from your right. 

Her best event. The bars. This chick is holding on to her but on a normal day she can flip over by herself. 

Finally, the trophy presentation. They lowered the flags and blared the Olympic theme. 

And one little girl was beyond pumped to get her hands on her first ever trophy. I like she has it hoisted above her head. And check out that neck full of gold. 

I totally felt as though the parents should have gotten a medal for chasing these crazy kids around a gym for the past 9 months. Under appreciated and never recognized, so goes the life of a mom.  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

3 Years 2 Months

Dear Sophia,

Where oh where did our tiny baby go? Aliens snatched her away from us and replaced her with a big kid. A never quiet, always questioning, sassy, big kid. Sometimes I think you would literally explode if you had to keep silent for longer than 10 minutes. Those same aliens also programmed you to wear a 1986 flower girl dress on a daily basis and do everyday things in it, like ride a bike. 

We love that you are so curious and observant. My god are you observant. Just today you asked your daddy what those two "Dora guys" were doing at the new house being built beside us. How in the hell you are able to spot a Mexican from 60 yards away I'll never know. But you nailed it. I mean seriously? Not once have I mentioned in casual conversation that Dora's uncles were down the street roofing houses. I didn't even know that the roofers were Mexican, in fact, I thought only the brick layers were. So see, you taught me something today.

We really need to start recording your little voice more. In time the funky little way that you say things will all but disappear. Take for example a few days ago. For some reason your daddy and I have been on a Jimmy Buffet kick and apparently we've listen to the the song "a pirate looks at 40" one to many times. When it came on the cd player in the car, from the backseat we hear "sheesh, do we have to hear Mudder Mudder Again!" HA! I love it. Of course I hope you don't grow up and introduce your future husband to your Mudder and Fodder. Luckily, we are really good friends with a speech pathologist who should be able to straighten that right out in case you decide to hold onto that particular quirk. 

At 3 I can, without a doubt, tell you two  things that you were  put on this earth to do. #1, love and care for all animals: 

Even furry wiggly caterpillars. But god not spiders. Or ants. Or the giant bugs that I've been finding in our bathroom (we both agree that if these suckers tried, they could pick up the toilet and move it outside.) These insects need "kiiiiiiiiled" immediately by daddy because in your words "they scare da crawp out of you" (followed by, "ooops, I not pu-poose to say crawp).

And #2, perform. Show you a stage and you are all over it. This was taken at a family reunion that happened to be in a multipurpose room that contained a stage. 

I personally like you you've got your leg hitched up in that photo. True rocker. I think you stood on stage and sang every word to "Country Roads" no less than 5 times. In a room full of Marshall fans you showed your true colors singing your heart out. 

So happy 39 months baby girl. Don't worry, we'll be the only ones who will remember you wearing a flower girl dress to get the mail. Because we are lucky enough to get to spend everyday with you. 

Love Mama

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Doctor Dolittles

You want to know another reason why i love my husband? He stops traffic to move turtles off the road! Is that not awesome? Speaking of being an animal lover, my great grandma always said that you should NEVER ever marry a man who didn't like cats. She said that if he didn't like cats it was a sign that he would treat his wife like poo. Lucky for me, Steven is a cat fan. Wonder if there are any old wives tales about turtles?

This particular turtle got moved from the middle of the road to the little creek in the woods behind our house. So he got to go on a short little ride. Sophie was absolutely giddy. I swear she loves ALL animals big, small, warm blooded and cold blooded. 

Summer Dress Sale!- Update- SOLD!

I've been busy cleaning out Miss Sophie B's close and I've decided to try my hand at ebay. But first I thought I'd see if I had any takers in blogger land. On the auction block, I have 11 dresses. Starting from the top left...

1. Old Navy Tropical Print Halter Dress 2t
2. Baby Gap Madras Plaid 2t
3. Baby Gap White Beach Dress 2t
4. Gymboree Smocked Dress. 2t. You can't really see but it has little pink and green lines going through it. 
5. Old Navy Pink Halter Dress 2t
6. Circo Hibiscus Dress 2t
7. Oshkosh American Flag Dress 2t
8. Children's Place Striped Dress 2t
9. Carters Pink and Green Halter Dress 2t
10. New with Tags Blueberies Green dress with flowers 2t
11. Blueberies Tropical Print Halter Dress 24 Months

I'm asking $50. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Somehow, my mom, Gigi, knew that one day I would have a little girl. Now normally we are the type of people who never save anything. But  she saved every single formal dress that I ever owned so that when I had a little girl of my own she would have a treasure trove of dress up clothes. Now when you put it in prospective, that is A LOT of dresses. We're talking every homecoming dress, prom dress, sorority formal, law school ball, bridesmaid dress, you name it, it's in there.  There are long dresses, short dresses, at least 5 black dresses,  beaded numbers, red  cut up to there dresses, dresses with puffy sleeves, dresses with puffy bottoms, dresses that barley covered your butt, and dresses that showed off cleavage. I'd say around 35 little numbers. And I mean LITTLE! I tried to squeeze my arse into a 1997 sorority formal dress and it would have taken an act of God to get me zipped  into that thing. 

Well Friday evening on the way home from work, Sophie B. said that she wanted to go to "The Ball." So I told her that mama could hook a girl friend up and I drug out a rubber maid container that had been ducted taped shut just waiting to be opened. She was beside her self with excitement! 

Modeling my 8th grade homecoming dress with puffy sleeves!

Now you may be asking yourself which of my classy and timeless dresses was her favorite. My beaded prom dress from 1995? My blood red, lace up the back number? Of course not! Her favorite:


A 1986 purple flower girl dress! (see I told you my mom kept EVERYTHING). She thinks it's the most beautiful princess dress on the planet. And has proudly worn it outside riding her bike and picking up caterpillars. 

Thanks G for keeping the dresses that on the night they were worn meant something special to me. That I get to share them with my own little girl is it's own kind of special. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Age

There's so much I love about this photo. I love how she crosses her legs at the ankles. I love her little bare feet. I love her signature pigtails (she's be wanting to wear her hair down a lot lately so the pigtails may soon become a thing of the past). I love how she has on her little cousin Ty's Steeler sweats. And I love how it shows just how much of a 21st century kid she is. The things that her generation will accomplish is gonna knock our socks off. Probably both good and bad.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This weekend we got a scoop of black mulch from the ole "Mulch and More"  store. And I walked outside to see that my dear husband had turned my new broom black thanks to sweeping  the mulch out of the truck. Call me clinically insane but it ticked me off. And what does my husband say?

"It's ok babe, we'll buy you a new one that you can ride around on." 


And that's why i love him. Even though he made me watch, "I Am Legend" with his favorite actor, Big Willy Style, the other night. But in his defense, after it was over he did say "well that's 1 hour and 37 minutes of my life that I won't get back." 
Making me love him that much more. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Fish

My kid loves water as much as my dog loves cat poop. And I have a feeling that this summer it-is-on. I'll probably be dragging her out of the pool all summer long kicking and screaming. Lucky for her, we joined a pool this summer, or as i like to call it, the Red Neck Yacht Club, because, technically, it's a sportsman's club, complete with shooting ranges and fishing ponds. But I don't care what else they've got going on, they've got a pool and it's right beside our new house! Now if she'd just learn how to swim we'd be in bin-ness.