Saturday, May 9, 2009


Somehow, my mom, Gigi, knew that one day I would have a little girl. Now normally we are the type of people who never save anything. But  she saved every single formal dress that I ever owned so that when I had a little girl of my own she would have a treasure trove of dress up clothes. Now when you put it in prospective, that is A LOT of dresses. We're talking every homecoming dress, prom dress, sorority formal, law school ball, bridesmaid dress, you name it, it's in there.  There are long dresses, short dresses, at least 5 black dresses,  beaded numbers, red  cut up to there dresses, dresses with puffy sleeves, dresses with puffy bottoms, dresses that barley covered your butt, and dresses that showed off cleavage. I'd say around 35 little numbers. And I mean LITTLE! I tried to squeeze my arse into a 1997 sorority formal dress and it would have taken an act of God to get me zipped  into that thing. 

Well Friday evening on the way home from work, Sophie B. said that she wanted to go to "The Ball." So I told her that mama could hook a girl friend up and I drug out a rubber maid container that had been ducted taped shut just waiting to be opened. She was beside her self with excitement! 

Modeling my 8th grade homecoming dress with puffy sleeves!

Now you may be asking yourself which of my classy and timeless dresses was her favorite. My beaded prom dress from 1995? My blood red, lace up the back number? Of course not! Her favorite:


A 1986 purple flower girl dress! (see I told you my mom kept EVERYTHING). She thinks it's the most beautiful princess dress on the planet. And has proudly worn it outside riding her bike and picking up caterpillars. 

Thanks G for keeping the dresses that on the night they were worn meant something special to me. That I get to share them with my own little girl is it's own kind of special. 


Jaidean said...

What a great idea - how awesome! She is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

thank you my one and only. I know Sophie and her girlfriends will love those dresses for along time. See looks like a Princess in that dress.
love ya and Happy Mothers Day

Jonathan's Mommy said...

How great that your mom saved those dresses. I love the '86 flower girl number and can't wait to see more in future posts.

Katie said...

How adorable! I bet the neighbors were very impressed that Sophie got dressed in a vintage dress to ride her bike and capture bugs. See, this justifies me holding onto Jordan's 1st Easter dress even though I can't explain why.

Anonymous said...

how special that is. every little girl loves to dress up. happy moms day to all


Megan said...

OMG!! That is so stinkin' cute!! Your mom is awesome for saving those!!