Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Uno and Dos

We are back! Finally! We spent 17 hours yesterday in and on air planes and airports but we finally made it home. We had a fabulous time! Puerto Rico is still the same beautiful island mixed with a just the right amount shit holes as it has always been and we loved being back. Sophie loved going for her first time and kept the butt headedness down to a minimum. Although she did decide to tell a guy at dinner (who was also a former navy guy previously stationed at Roosevelt Roads) that "my daddy got bad grades in college so he joined the navy." Nice. Honest. But klassy.

We did EVERYTHING. Beach, pools, deserted islands, snorkeling, sailing, water park, eating, more eating, drinking. The first day we just chilled around at the pool and the the second day we hit a beach.

The view from our room. Yeah, it rocked!

Dressed up for dinner.

Our 2nd night we ate at a gas station turned local BBQ restaurant. (only in puerto rico would you decided to cook bbq ribs and chicken over buried gas tanks!) But the food rocked!

Even though the wait was forevah. No worries, a little pool and pina coladas!

Hitting the beach!

Ever wonder how they get coconuts down? It obviously takes a nut to do the job!