Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas with a three year old was definitely unlike any Christmas I've ever experienced. Sophie B. really got into the magic of season. Chewy, our Elf on the Shelf kept her laughing everyday. Santa was a topic of conversation everyday. And for 25 days the doors on our advent house were almost ripped off the hinges!

Our trip to the most expensive place on earth Disney World the week before Christmas put somewhat of a wrench into our Christmas plans. It made for a hectic and rushed week leading up to Christmas when we came back. Come Christmas morning, Mickey Mouse couldn't hold a candle to the guy in the red suit who some how knew that a certain little girl had her heart set on a barbie jeep.

Pouring "coca-cola classic" for Santa. We figured that milk would get warm and nasty by the time he made it to our house.

Rounding the corner to see what had been left...

Watch out people/parked cars/animals and objects. Soph has wheels!

Channeling Alvin, "me I want a hula hoop!"