Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out of Order

Just when I get on a blogging roll, the cord to charge my computer went kaput! So looks like I'll be out of commission for awhile because blogging on an IPhone is quite difficult!

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 30, 2012


At our house, we've been having full blown wars. Sorry Wars! Since Christmas I think that every kid that has walked in this house has been subject to a game of Sorry. Sometimes, it's smooth sailing, as it was yesterday when Toby and Tanner came down. Other times, games end in tears when I open up a can and send their butts back to home over and over again. Mwhahahahaha. They don't call it the "game of sweet revenge" for nothing! I admit fully that sometimes, after we put Soph to bed, Steven and I battle one another. Best out of 3, or 5 if I'm down.

In other news, the toe mole came back normal. I've just been hopping around with one shoe on and one shoe off for over a week. But I'll take it. Sophie goes to the doctor tomorrow. I've google diagnosed her with a hernia. I'm sure Dr. C can't wait to hear this one! But if I'm right, I might have people start referring to me as Dr. Carr, Google MD. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spell Check

Apparently, we need to work on spelling too!

And this is why I started a blog. To help me remember the little things that happen in our lives as well as the big things. Anywho, tonight we were sitting around the table eating dinner when Soph asked for a napkin. Steven got up and got her one but before handing it over he said, "What do you say?"
Soph, "Please, may I have a napkin?"
Daddy, "Yes you may. Do you know how to spell please?"
With a big bold voice and a stone sober face she says, "P-U-S-S-Y!"

At that point, daddy lost all composure. Thank goodness he hadn't taken a drink at that exact moment. I on the other hand, kept my cool, for once. Points for getting at least getting the P right my girl :0

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Steven and I are addicted to American Pickers. Thanks to the History channel hooking us up with a few weekend marathons, I now think that we have seen every.single.episode. We are getting pretty good at guessing the value of junk too! Makes we want to drive around and go pickin' too!

2. Report cards came out today! Girlfriend did pretty good. She needs to work on vowel sounds and a few other reading things. I'll admit that I'm HORRIBLE about working with her. And she fights it to the death. I told my neighbor today that really you don't need to know how to read to sell coconut necklaces on a beach in Thailand. Not saying that that's where she's gonna end up, but really, ya never know!

3. Who has their Valentine cards already made up and ready to go? This person! Woot woot! On the ball this year people. I'm loving some pinterest and all of the great ideas you can "pin." Now if I only had the time and $$ to make all of the things I have pinned!

4. So I stumbled across this blog the other day called An Inch of Gray. Oh my. Saddest blog I have ever followed in my life but I just couldn't stop reading. Long story short, Anna, was the mama to 12 year old Jack and 10 year old Margaret. One extremely rainy afternoon after school when the electric was off, Jack's friends came over and invited Jack outside to play. As time passed it began to thunder. Jack's mom got in her car to pick up the kids, yet Jack was no where to be found. A creek behind a neighbor's house swept him away. :( Jack's was found about 2 hours later. This grief stricken mama did everything she could to protect her children. She worried constantly about M rated video games, and child molesters, and Internet predators. Yet, not once did she ever think to warn her children about the mere possibility of a rising creek with fast moving water. Her story has stuck with me for days now. The day before the accident she had just posted pictures of their first day of school. Here today and gone tomorrow. Hug your babies. I had a little talk with Little Bit about not ever playing in a creek.

5. The Hunger Games movie comes out on March 23. I can't wait!

6. Speaking of books, I got a kindle for Christmas and I puffy heart lurve it! I didn't get the kindle fire, just the basic kindle touch. I though that i would miss holding a book. Wrong. Could not be happier.

7. 110 days remain until the Carr family hits Disney World. After this trip, I hope to never step foot in that place until my girl is all grown up, if ever! We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. It was the closest to the Magic Kingdom we could get without paying 2 million dollars. Instead we are only paying 1 million.

8. I'm itching to paint some rooms in this house and change some things up. We have lived here for going on 3 years and right now there is not one single thing hanging on Sophie's walls. But alas, I am lazy and I can never decide what I want to do. Then when I do decide what I want to do, I'm too cheap to buy anything!

9. Friday night I have a dinner date with 3 of my favorite ladies. It's been too long since we've gotten together. Why do my friends and I stink so bad about getting together? Seriously. Totally, stink it up.

10. Alright, I'm out. Storage Wars is on. Guess I forgot to mention that we are addicted to that one too!

And here's a pic of our newest family member, Carly.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Monday

I'm home from work a little early today. And it's quite! Sophie and her little pals had tumbling today and although I was home early enough to take them, my neighbor volunteered to be the kid shuffler. I had to hit up the dermatologist's office this afternoon to have yet another mole taken off. This is probably the 8th mole since the 2010 Melanoma Affair. But this one, on the side of my pinky toe, has me all frazzled. It kind of appeared out of no where, just like the 2010 Melanoma Affair. And I feel like I have this dark cloud looming over. I'm kind of anxious, like I'm waiting for the other foot to fall. Could be that tax season is starting up. That brings quite a few dark clouds our way.

Anyway, I'm totally skeeved out about melanoma. Really, shouldn't be a biggie. Especially, if you are diligent and catch things early. Let me tell you though, it's a real slap in the face when you apply for a simple group life insurance policy at work and they send you a letter asking for you to submit all of your medical records relating to the 2010 Melanoma Affair. Then a few weeks later you get another letter from the same insurance company that basically says, "thanks, but we really don't feel like taking a chance on you." Might was well have said, "we feel that the probability of you croaking sooner rather than later because of that little mole of yours is just too risky for us." Nice. Up yours Minnesota Life!

On a happier note and rewinding a little bit, for the second year in a row we did neighborhood Christmas Caroling. It's so hard to pin down down a time so that every kid in the neighborhood can join in but we managed to round up 11 kids or so. It's even more difficult to keep the kids together from one house to the next! They are always racing off to the next house to be the kid who gets to ring the doorbell. I'm usually following them down the street screaming at the top of my lungs to "wait up!" or "it's so and so turn to ring the doorbell!" Very Merry Christmas like to hear a 33 year old woman screaming like some deranged lunatic.

Oh and I wanted to post this picture of Sophie with Santa. He's the best Santa around this neck of the woods. And what makes him even cooler is that I graduated high school with this Santa. No one ever believes me when I tell them that little fun fact, but it's true!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doggy Dog...

So it's been well over a year since we lost Miss Stella the boxer. There are times that I find myself thinking how "nice" it is not to be tied down by an animal. There are other times that I find myself missing that tail waggle when you come home after only being gone 15 minutes. Then there was last night when Steven was out of town and I was certain that a serial killer was in my house. Again, one of those weird ones who keep you in a cage and feed you nothing but cheese slices until they decide to kill you. Oscar the boxer would have torn a serial killer's throat out. However, despite the fear of serial killers, usually the the joys of being dogless win out with me.

For the last 18 months almost every single day Sophie asks for a dog. Steven follows right behind her. I've put them off and put them off with a million and one perfectly logical excuse. "We don't want to get a dog going into winter, who wants to stand outside with a dog in the snow!" "We don't want to get a dog during tax season because I'm the only one who will be home to take care of it." "The beginning of summer is hard because as soon as we get it, we'll have to leave it to go on vacation and we always want to go away in the summer." So really there never is a perfect time.

But. Our girl is turning 6 in a few months. She begged for a dog for Christmas. We told her that Santa just wasn't able to put "live" cargo on his sleigh. She asked GiGi for a dog. Gi knew better. We came really close to getting one when our neighbors across the street got a super cute chocolate labradoodle and we found out that Charlie had a brother that needed a home. But we talked ourselves out of it. The time just wasn't right. And truthfully, we are a little gun shy in the dog department. We lost Oscar tragically. We lost Stella because she was terminal from the get-go. I wouldn't recommend anyone loose a dog a year.

The point is that we are thinking that all signs pointing to the "right time." I have my awesome friend "aunt Kim" on the case. She's a dog whisperer and the only kennel owner that I would trust to watch our furbaby. I know that with her help, we'll find "the one."

And do you know what our girl is willing to do to get a dog?! She is willing to forego birthday presents! Rather than presents at her birthday party, she's going to ask that everyone bring an item that can be donated to the local animal shelter. Cat food, dog food, kitty litter, bleach, leashes, treats. Girlfriend has it bad. So we shall see. Less than 2 months to go until the big 6!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying again...

I have so got to get back into blogging. I've stepped away from face book some. I blame face book for the down fall of this blog. It became so easy to put a short little blurb on face book and slap a picture up rather than put forth extra time into blogging. The reason I started a blog oh so many years ago was to keep memories of my little family of three alive and kicking. In words and in pictures. It also doesn't help that I rarely pick up my camera anymore. I find my self just leaving my camera behind. I tell myself that "i can snap pics with my phone." Then I wonder why the pictures are horrible! So blog I must. Pictures or no pictures.

Lets see. It's now January. Since I last blogged we had Halloween. I had the cutest little gypsy on the planet. I love Halloween so much. I start thinking about costumes over the summer! And I know that my days are numbered in swaying Little Bit in her costume decision. It's just a matter of time until she insists on being icarly or some other commercial Halloween costume. Breaking my heart into a million pieces!

We took a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge with some friends. These three got along so well. I would take them anywhere any time. And Toby (in the middle) looks like a 4 year old stud muffin with his arms around his peeps. But Sophie says she's going to marry the the Tanner, the tall one. He doesn't know this yet. Nor would he want to know this. I hope so. I would love her mother in law. Her father in law? Maybe not so much! HA!

We had Thanksgiving. (I don't have any pictures of that but we made the trek to PA.)

We had the 3rd Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

This was my outfit. I really have no words. Other than to say that I felt as though the stuffed cat tied the entire outfit together. And i have to give a special thank you to my friend Missy's mom for finding me a banana clip.

Steven tried pulling off the Cousin Eddy a la emptying out the crapper look.

We had a Christmas play were Soph played Mary. It was hilarious. Oh yeah, and I found Jesus. Turns out he wasn't hiding in the couch cushions with the change. Actually, he wasn't really hiding, per se. He's always been there and I've always known that and I've always known that he thinks I rock. We just had to find the right place for our family. Found it. And now you'll sometimes find us with "church crowd" waiting for a table at the cracker barrel. Steven curses and says that we "use" to be able to beat the church crowd!

We celebrated Christmas. And it was a really awesome Christmas. Sophie didn't get too much nor too little. It was perfect.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll blog more about kindergarten. Or the fact that in 2 months I'll have a 6 year old! ahhahahah!