Monday, January 30, 2012


At our house, we've been having full blown wars. Sorry Wars! Since Christmas I think that every kid that has walked in this house has been subject to a game of Sorry. Sometimes, it's smooth sailing, as it was yesterday when Toby and Tanner came down. Other times, games end in tears when I open up a can and send their butts back to home over and over again. Mwhahahahaha. They don't call it the "game of sweet revenge" for nothing! I admit fully that sometimes, after we put Soph to bed, Steven and I battle one another. Best out of 3, or 5 if I'm down.

In other news, the toe mole came back normal. I've just been hopping around with one shoe on and one shoe off for over a week. But I'll take it. Sophie goes to the doctor tomorrow. I've google diagnosed her with a hernia. I'm sure Dr. C can't wait to hear this one! But if I'm right, I might have people start referring to me as Dr. Carr, Google MD. :)

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