Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Monday

I'm home from work a little early today. And it's quite! Sophie and her little pals had tumbling today and although I was home early enough to take them, my neighbor volunteered to be the kid shuffler. I had to hit up the dermatologist's office this afternoon to have yet another mole taken off. This is probably the 8th mole since the 2010 Melanoma Affair. But this one, on the side of my pinky toe, has me all frazzled. It kind of appeared out of no where, just like the 2010 Melanoma Affair. And I feel like I have this dark cloud looming over. I'm kind of anxious, like I'm waiting for the other foot to fall. Could be that tax season is starting up. That brings quite a few dark clouds our way.

Anyway, I'm totally skeeved out about melanoma. Really, shouldn't be a biggie. Especially, if you are diligent and catch things early. Let me tell you though, it's a real slap in the face when you apply for a simple group life insurance policy at work and they send you a letter asking for you to submit all of your medical records relating to the 2010 Melanoma Affair. Then a few weeks later you get another letter from the same insurance company that basically says, "thanks, but we really don't feel like taking a chance on you." Might was well have said, "we feel that the probability of you croaking sooner rather than later because of that little mole of yours is just too risky for us." Nice. Up yours Minnesota Life!

On a happier note and rewinding a little bit, for the second year in a row we did neighborhood Christmas Caroling. It's so hard to pin down down a time so that every kid in the neighborhood can join in but we managed to round up 11 kids or so. It's even more difficult to keep the kids together from one house to the next! They are always racing off to the next house to be the kid who gets to ring the doorbell. I'm usually following them down the street screaming at the top of my lungs to "wait up!" or "it's so and so turn to ring the doorbell!" Very Merry Christmas like to hear a 33 year old woman screaming like some deranged lunatic.

Oh and I wanted to post this picture of Sophie with Santa. He's the best Santa around this neck of the woods. And what makes him even cooler is that I graduated high school with this Santa. No one ever believes me when I tell them that little fun fact, but it's true!

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