Thursday, June 23, 2011


....I think that Wally and the Beav might roll on up and call this neighborhood home.

An outside family movie night? Yes please! How fun is that?! Our neighbors just threw up a sign in their drive way and come dusk, instant drive in! Gnomeo and Juliet was on the big screen.

Tired little girls who swam all day and were dog tied were in attendance.

Pre-sun down.

These two did this to themselves. I swear. Of course it only lasted .5 seconds before they were ready to explode!

So an awesome evening. Except for the walk home. That's when sophie jumped out of the wagon that my neighbor was pulling and announced, "i'm getting out of this damn wagon, there's too much shit in it." Klassy. We have GOT to nip that little habit in the bud before school starts in the fall. Or I'll be called down to the school just like my momma was called down to the school for me telling the story of a man named Bill. Who swallowed a dynamite pill. His chest expired, his ass backfired and his b*lls blew over this hill! True story. I was klassy like that too!


Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! I could literally scream and dance from rooftop to rooftop! We have been beyond pumped around here. Finally, after going through all circles of hell about 25 times, backwards, Steven passed his CPA exam. To say that he's glad to have that monkey off his back is an understatement. Actually, it was more like a rabid pitbull barking incessantly and just waiting to chew your arm off. For years it seems as though our entire lives have revolved around that effing test. And that is exactly what it is, a stupid, time consuming, money sucking, effing test. I really thought that the Navy College Fund was going to come to our house one day asking if we were trying to pull some kind of scam because they have paid for that g-d test so many times that SURELY something had to be smelly in Denmark.

Do you want to go out of town this weekend? Can't have to study.
Are you going to home for dinner tonight? Can't, have to study.
Daddy, will you play with me? Can't have to study.

Not no mo my friends! Fini! Steven has looked like the Joker from Batman for going on 48 hours now. I've fist pumped the air probably 3939 times. Sophie is in Pennsylvania for the week telling everyone crosses who her path that she gets to go to Hibachi because daddy passed his test (love her perspective on life, btw).

So many people were rooting for him to get that stupid test behind him. Family, friends, neighbors, Sophie's doctor, my dentist. What can i say, i tend to share my life, the good and the bad, with anyone and everyone. I figure if i have to suffer, others may want to suffer along with me. And when we want to celebrate, well others might want to jump in on that as well.


We are BEYOND proud of you! And Sophie also says, "now take me to Disney World b/c I deserve it!"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Year 3

This makes the third year in a row that we've headed to snowshoe for memorial day. No doubt about it, we are creatures of habit! We stay in the same place. Go with the same people. Eat at the same restaurant. It sort of becomes "traditional." We were also lucky that for the 3rd year in a row the weather decided to play along and be awesome. Sunny with a blue sky dotted with clouds and just the right amount of mountain breeze. Around 4 years ago we weren't as lucky. It poured the rain, stayed around 50 degree and the fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

We only stayed nights and it never ever seems long enough. Getting a cell phone signal is almost impossible. This is huge for me b/c i seem to have my iphone permanently lodged up my butt.

The starbucks tastes yummier!

The pool seems a thousand time cooler and more fun than the pool right down the street.

Jackson had fun and is getting so big!

For the third year in a row we also ran into this guy. Here they are in 2010 and 2009 I guess his parents are creatures of habit as well. I love how every year little Alex has on a polo shirt with a popped collar. It's not every 5 year old who can pull that look off.