Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gold Medalist

I have no doubts she could be great....

if she gave a rat's ass about anything!

But, alas, she does not. Doesn't give one flying flip about honing any skills, impressing any instructors or outdoing any other kid for that matter. She cares only for socializing, schmoozing with the older girls, pushing the limits on the rules, and getting out the door. And it's not just gymnastics. I'm so scared that this is the kid we are going to get when it comes to school. Oh she has the ability to learn chinese or physics at the age of 5. But unless learning it is going to tell her when playtime or snack time is gonna be, not interested.

In the meantime, I'll keep spending $50 a month and hope that one day she actually cares and decides that she wants to go live with Bela Karolyi and company in Texas and we pack it up, sell our house, and invest thousands into an olympic champion.