Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A "Different" Use for Chapstick

Note to the Sophia reading this 20 years from now. I'm sorry but some things are just too good not to memorialize in writing. So just laugh and smile and know that when you were 3 years old, your mom and dad loved you more than anything. And you provided us with hours of pure comedic entertainment.

So a few days ago, around bed time, we were all sitting in the living room playing with Stella. Abruptly, you jump up and claim that your butt is itching. Being the concerned parents that we are we tell you that you need to learn how to wipe better and not to worry you would be getting a bath in 10 minutes.

You disappear from the room, walk back in and say, "don't worry about it guys, I put some of Daddy's ChapStick on it and it doesn't hurt any more."

Classic. Daddy did thank you for telling him that it was his ChapStick that you used for your home remedy.

Child what are we going to do with you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten On Tuesday

1. It's not even October 1 and I'm thinking Christmas! How sad is that?! But the reason is because yesterday my mom found the Barbie Jeep that I wanted to get Soph for Christmas on sale! SCORE!

2. And that Barbie Jeep is just about all she's getting. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it but we are going to Disney World the week before Christmas! So instead of sunning on the beaches of Mexico for our anniversary, we'll be riding "It's a Small World." Steven has a conference at Disney World so Little Bit, me, AND GiGi are tagging along! We'd be crazy not to go. But believe it or not, I want to drive down there, which might question my sanity. But I'm just freaked out about not having a car. What if I want to go to the Outlets, or McDonalds, or Sea World. Sophie is usually a champ on car trips so I don't see it being an issue.

3. I've decided that spitefulness is an inherit boxer trait. Stella will have an accident and pee RIGHT IN FRONT of us, get in trouble, and then pee RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. It's like she's telling us to kiss her a-double-s. The girl will hold it practically all night long so I'm chalking it up to her being a turd at heart. We start puppy training with the folks who train a lot of the police K9s around here. When I told the lady that we had a boxer puppy, she laughed. And said, that she's never met one yet that wasn't a suborn hard head.

4. Oops almost forgot, we are heading to Pigeon Forge this weekend with PapPaw Rocky. Now this should be quite the trip. I don't think my dad has spent 24 hours with a 3 year old in over 25 years. Bwhahahhaha, he has NO clue what he's in for but this little jaunt was his idea. I've never been to Pigeon Forge and this is a short trip. I know we'll be hitting Dollywood and how knows what else. Probably the interstate to come back home after!

5. The Amazing Race is back on TV! YAY!!!!!! I love that show more than anything. I told Steven the other night that watching it is the most stressful hour of my week! I'm on edge the ENTIRE time. But I love it! And I'm loving the two dudes from the Harlem Globetrotters. What is it about Globetrotters that just make people smile. Even the host of the show is grinning like a fool when those dude step up to the pit stops. Remember when the Globetrotters did a guest appearance on Scooby Doo? They'll be coming to Charleston in January, maybe I should go.

6. I finished the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood books and now I'm on to Dan Brown's new book AND the second book of the Hunger Games. Man did I love those True Blood books. Now I need to watch the first season of the show!

7. I've given up on trying to find a "crooked hat" for Sophie's witch costume. Kid is just gonna have to deal with the fact that she's going to have a pointy hat.

8. We went to a midget league football game on Sunday to watch my cousin's little boy play. As we were walking back from the concession stand for the 3rd time Steven says to Sophie, "did you see the Winfield cheerleaders over there, you can do that next year." My child says, "nah, I want to do THAT!" And points to the football field. The entire way home she kept saying, "hey daddy did you seem them tackling each other out there!" I'm saying right now, that my tiny little daughter is NOT going to play football. Jesus Christ what is wrong with that child! But here she is practicing her touchdown dance:

9. I'm on the hunt for THE ugliest Christmas sweater that i can possibly find for my husband because I'm bound and determined to have an ugly Christmas sweater party this year. A light up Rudolph sweater might be kind of cool. But Steven had more of a "cousin Eddie" look in mind. You know, thin white v-neck sweater with a black dickie underneath. I didn't even know they sold dickies any more but apparently I have an uncle who is a fan so my aunt said she could hook him up!

10. We saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs last weekend. Sophie had to point out that it was not anything like the book (a girl after my own heart)! More importantly, guess what movie they previewed that's coming out in 2010. The SMURFS!

Monday, September 21, 2009

42 Months

Dear Sassy-er-I mean Sophie,

I know that I've dropped the ball on these monthly letters. Every month your month birthday comes along and I have every intention of writing but then time gets away from me. And truthfully there hasn't been to much to report. You are reaching the age where changes are coming gradually. You aren't doing monumental things like walking and talking in complete sentences.
That's not to say you've been boring. You've been anything but boring. You can ask more questions in a 5 minute period than the contestants on an entire episode of Jeopardy. Totally strange and bizarre questions. The other day you must have over heard me talking to someone about a gastro-scope. The next day, I'm pounded with question after question. "Mommy are you going to the doctor to have a camera put in your belly?" "Will they leave the camera in your belly." "If there is a baby in your belly, would the baby see your camera?"
And speaking of babies, I can NOT for the life of me figure out a way to explain to you why you weren't at our wedding. I've just giving up on that one because you end up getting ticked off and yelling at me for not taking you to Puerto Rico. Because didn't I know that you would loooove Puerto Rico! So sue me for not making you a bastard.
We started gymnastics back up this month. We are trying a new gym since the one we went to last year didn't have a class right after I got off work. So far you aren't a fan. You miss your old teachers and the entire place is different. Once you get out on the floor you are in your element and you have a blast. But the entire ride you whine that your belly hurts or that your leg hurts. It's going to be a long winter!
Halloween, my favorite holiday is right around the corner! For months and months you've wanted to be a witch. A witch with a crooked hat and a crooked broom. I found the crooked broom but the crooked hat is causing a problem. I've got 40 days to make you think that crooked hats SUCK and only lame witches wear crooked hats. Where you even got in your mind that a witch costume required a crooked hat and broom is beyond me.
In your 42 month of life you became the co-owner of a puppy. You love her lots. But as I watch you with her I can tell that your love for her is no where near the same as it was for Oscar the Boxer. Stella is like your annoying little sister. Oscar was your protective older brother. I guess both are love but different kinds of love and nothing can change that.

So happy 42 month Sophie B Carr. Next month I'll get this sucker up on time!

Rocking your Mountaineer Leotard! Purchased my yours truly for a whole $8.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In Case You Haven't Heard...

...we are a family of four once more! Yes, we are that crazy. And yes, she is the most adorable thing on the planet. And yes, she is going to be gigantic!

Introducing Miss Stella Rosa Carr!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Damn Dam

So Little Bit was in the bathtub this evening splashing and playing around. I was in the bedroom and I heard her drop something and say, "ah damn it!" NICE. But what was nicer was the little conversation we had when I went into the bathroom...

Me- "Sophie you really shouldn't say that it's not very nice."
Soph- "So I can't say damn it?"
Me- "No I'd rather you not. Your great grandmother might frown upon it."
Soph-"So only big people can say damn it?"
Me- "Yes, only big people and you said it again so quit."
Soph- "But I'm not "saaaayin damn it," I'm just telling you that I can't say damn it."
Me- "Seriously child did Johnnie Cochran come back reincarnated in your little body?"
Soph- "Can he say damn it?"
Me- "Oh damn it just get out of the tub!"

I could not could the number of times that we have had conversations exactly like this. Usually, just out of the blue she'll say, "momma, we can't can't shit can we?" Or "shut-up isn't nice to say is it."

And people have the chutzpah to ask us when we are going to have another kid. I think we are all stocked up with kid here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Game Time

On Saturday it started. Mountaineer football! Did I get to watch one play of the game on TV? That would be a great big NO. But I did have fun listening to it on the radio, stuffing my face, and hanging out with all of my friends and their kiddos at our tailgate party. Truthfully, living in Morgantown for 7 years, I bet I only actually went into the stadium a handful of times and you can bet your sweet pickle that at halftime I was outta there. There was always too much fun going on in the parking lots! And I like to talk and gossip! Keeping it real people.

All of the kids looked so cute decked out in their WVU gear. And boy do kids love to wack the heck out of a pinata. I have pictures of the actual wacking but those are on my mom's point and shoot. I think I'm going to have to have a pinata for every occasion! I wonder if they sell baby Jesus pinata for Christmas? Kidding mom.

Emma with her game face on!

Cutest and littlest neighbor in the neighborhood, Ty!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 On Tuesday, the Late Edition

I just can't seem to blog these days. Maybe it's because facebook is so big and it's just easier to connect there. But here's what's been going on in our lives over the past week.

1. Remember when I posted a pic of that adorable little boxer dog? Well we went and met her. She was a lunatic! Cute as a button but INSANE. All she wanted to do was growl and bite! I know puppies will bite but seesh. I'm chalking it up to the fact that she didn't have any litter mates to rough house with. We got in the car and said, "uh yeah, that's not the dog for us!"

So we are still on the lookout for a dog. We actually applied for a rescue boxer. Part of me thinks it would be better to get a dog that's a little bit older. Sophie will wear a puppy out. And I'm blaming our cat being a turd on her.

2. WVU football starts this weekend!!!!!!!!!! We are having some people over for a full blown tailgate. Can't wait. Nacho bar, wings, dips, beer. And a pinata, jump house, and pizza for the kiddos!

3. My mom is trying to talk me into going on one of those weekend bus trips to NYC. You leave Friday evening, get to NYC early Saturday morning, and get back on the bus Saturday night. Part of me REALLLLY wants to go. Part of me thinks it sounds like hell.

4. Karate with the Soph didn't pan out. Steven took her and said she was by far the youngest and smallest kid in the class. He did say that there was one little boy around 4 who was a full blown ninja! HA! Sophie liked it but it's expensive so we are going to stick with gymnastics.

5. We are actually going to a new gymnastics place this year. Maverick didn't have a class right after work this year. So now I'm going to come home and then head down to Huntington. As a side note, the gym in Huntington is owned buy a legendary Bulgarian gymnastics family. I swear, that's what the website says. HA! So I have high hopes.

6. So does anyone have the number to the Super Nanny. Sophie has been on MAJOR sassy pants lately. I'm talking MAJOR.

7. I looooove selling on ebay!! I can't believe that it's taken me so long to jump on that wagon! It's like selling at a yard sale with out the bickering over the price! I wish that I had more stuff to unload but I purge everything.

8. Another visit with a neighbor yesterday. Another visit to their bathroom. I mean, COME ON! This time it was just number one, thank god!

9. So I'm finally reading the True Blood books. Oooo are they scandalous. These vamps are definitely no Edward but they are doing everything I wished Edward had been doing in the Twilight books.

10. The Pioneer Woman's cookbook is coming out in a few months. I know what quite a few people will be getting for Christmas this year!

Here are a few pics from spending the day with Steven's aunt Jeff and Uncle Jack at their camp on the river. The captain tried taking for a spin on the boat.