Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Ok so the new day care is not working out according to plan. I've only been a mommy now for 15 months but basic child care 101 taught me that little one are NOT to have peanut butter until the age of 2 and some doctors even go as far as age 3. So I was quite shocked today when I received a call from day care telling me that Sophia had a PB&J sandwich for a snack and soon thereafter started projectile vomiting and developed red splotches all over her face. So once again...of to the ER we go. Every thing is fine now. Her breathing wasn't affected. She received a steroid shot and doc watched her for a few hours and then we were sent on our way...with instructions to stay away from PB!

So I'm pretty steamed. Her teacher even commented that "she asked me if Sophie was allergic to anything and I had told her no." Well how in the world am I suppose to know that she's allergic to something if she's never had it. AND I seriously did not think that I had to tell them that PB was off limits because never in a million years would I have dreamed that a day care would serve it to 1 year olds!! PB is even banned in some school districts around here!

So unfortunately it may be back to the drawing board. I'm definitely going to talk to the director tomorrow. Already in 2 days there's a few things that I'm not happy about. I'm serious...the whole day care thing has just about pushed me over the edge! But I'm trying to think happy thoughts and this picture with Little Bit and her "If Your Happy and You Know It Monkey" makes me happy. You should hear her try to scream AMEN on the Amen verse.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Swing Time

It took just under 3 months but this weekend Steven finally put up Little Bit's swing that she got for her birthday and it took just 3 easy steps. 1. Remove swing from birthday gift bag. 2. Remove cardboard from swing. 3. Attach swing to deck where previous owners had already installed two hooks. Rocket science I tell you. I know that I give Steven a hard time about doing stuff around the house but he gives me an equally hard time about keeping the house clean. I've come to the conclusion that we DEFINITELY have Dom PĂ©rignon taste on an Andre budget because we could seriously use a gardener, a maid, a cook, an errand boy, and a most importantly, a nanny (during working hours)! But the swing is finally up and Sophia is quite a fan. For 2 minutes at least.

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Big Day

I haven't really blogged about it but tomorrow Sophia starts at a new day care. Once she moved out of the infant room at her old day care things just sort of went down hill. Making the decision to move her was really tough. She's use to her little friends and her teachers. And I've really gotten close to some of the teachers at the center. So we are definitely gonna miss that place. BUT there's a lot to look forward to too! The new day care only has 6 kids in her room (and one of the 6 is her friend Gracie!). So that just leaves 4 new friends to make and there will be lots of one on one attention (and fingers crossed, less sickness). So wish us luck that it all works out or we'll be back to the drawing board!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

From Sophia

And the rest of our whacked out family!

I don't have long to post. I just returned from a bridal shower for my friend Beth who was one of college sorority sisters. Lets just said that I made a bad move on my part by taking Sophia. She wasn't necessarily bad, lively might be a better word to describe her and a little too social. I didn't get to see one single gift that Beth opened!!! I had to chase wild thing around the church the whole time. Who by the way discovered her echo out in the hallway and thought that EVERYONE at the shower would enjoy the shrill of her voice. Nice. I'm quite certain that I scared Beth away from having kids any time soon!

So Sophia is now at GiGi and PaPa's and mommy is on her way to the bachelorette party where I can guarantee you that the camera will not be going! But I just might have to post a picture of the's a hoot! Everyone have a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Growing Up

I'm not sure exactly how it happened but all of the sudden, in the blink of an eye, my 5 year old twin nephews, Jacob and Steven, turned into really cool little kids! I'm an only child and I've never been around a ton of little kids in my life. Before Sophia entered the picture I have to admit that my patience on the kid spectrum hung round level zero. Little kids drove me nuts, messed with my plans, and basically got in the way. They whine, make messes, and actually they don't make any sense at all. So having Sophia has without a doubt mellowed me in the kid department.

But despite my change I think that Steven and Jacob have changed as well. There's no more whining. No more flipping out for no apparent reason. No more trying to decipher the language they are trying to speak. Now it's my kid who does all of this and Jacob and Steven are actually fun to be around! Not that Sophia isn't fun to be around (she's mine so that doesn't count) it's just different. Now you can carry on a conversation with these two and let me tell you, a conversation with a 5 year old can be pretty interesting. They are big kids with big interests like fishing, baseball, and swimming. And they are even helpful and wonderful with their little cousin Sophia!

So Jacob and Steven I'm sorry if I've lacked patience with you in the past. I'm sorry if I've rolled my eyes countless times as you've sat crying in time out. And I'm sorry for the millions of times I've thought that you were loud and so distructive that you could tear up and anvil. You've turned into two awesome little dudes!
Here's Steven high-fiving it with Sophia

And here's Jacob. I'm not quite sure what's up with the fake smile.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1st Time for Everything

I got the sweetest phone call from Steven while I was at work today. He called just to say "you know I've been thinking about this weekend and how much fun Sophie had running around the zoo like she owned the place and it just makes me so happy to see her like that." When you think about it, it's pretty wild that a 14 month doing something so simple like enjoying life around her can make a 30 year old man so happy. Every single day she does something new, sees something new and experiences something new. It's so fun to plan things for her to do just so we can see how she reacts. Swimming lessons, going to the park for the first time, grass. Needless to say I can not WAIT to get her on a beach! So here are few more pics from the zoo. These were all taken in the aquarium (which was by far Soph's favorite). My pictures with her and the lions didn't really turn out but I think she's more a fan of penguins these days, "waddle waddle waddle."

Little Bit and Daddy enjoying the aquarium.

There's a lion in the background...ARRRRR!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Zoonked Out

I've only known Little Bit for a whopping 14 months but as her mommy and most favorite person in the entire universe I think I can speak for her when I say that I've only seen her completely worn out, eyes refusing to stay open, nuclear bomb going off won't wake her, tired on two occasions.

Here passed out on our kitchen table when she was 3 months old.

And on Saturday as we were leaving the zoo.

Apparently it's more comfortable to throw yourself forward when you're passed out rather than lay back in your nice comfy stroller. I still have a bunch of zoo pics to go through but this one just cracked me up so I had to post it first. And wow....what a difference a year makes! Looking back at older pictures (if you consider a year old picture old!) ALWAYS amazes me. I know I sound like an old timer but seriously where does the time go?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Diggin For Gold

Busted with her finger shoved up her nose and a look that says "what are you looking at?" Now I could blame this on day care or say that I have no clue where she "picked" up this little trick...but the blame lies with no one but Little Bit's very own daddy and (ok and hanging my head in shame) me! I think it is WAY past time for us to start watching what we do and especially what we say.

We had a great weekend visiting with Grammy & PapPap. There was a little, wait scratch that, a lot of chaos with 6 adults, 4 kids, and our crackhead dog packed into a house but we all had fun. Little Bit did well keeping up with her 3 boy cousins and the Pittsburgh Zoo was a HUGE hit with Sophia. I'll be sure to post the pictures soon! But for now, enjoy Sophia with her finger jammed up her nose!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big Girls

How cute are Gracie and Sophie eating a snack at Gracie's little table! They look like two little old ladies gossiping over lunch! It cracks me up that "experts" say that kids this age don't actually play with one another but instead "parallel play." Phooey! They play, and hug and kiss each other, and occasionally slap each other. Sophie doesn't have a table and chairs at our house yet but Gigi, Papa Scott, Papa Rocky, & Grammy and PapPap, Sophie told me that she really likes this one, I swear she told me!

We'll be going on a mini-vacation this weekend to visit Grammy and PapPap in Pennsylvania. On Saturday we're even headed to the Pittsburgh Zoo and my ever stlyish cousin is meeting us there. I can't wait for Little Bit to see the lions. So until Monday.......ARRRRRRRRRRR!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Come and Get It!

If you want to make a little girl and a boxer dog happy at the same time...let the little girl give the boxer dog treats! Sophia LOVES to give Oscar treats. Steven started letting her hand Oscar his morning treat so now every evening we walk through the door and she heads straight for the cabinet where the treats are stashed. This evening Oscar rushed outside to pee so I snapped these photos of Little Bit sticking her head out the door yelling her version of "come and get it"! I have to admit that she has on occasion stuck the treat in her mouth...which totally flips me out after the whole contaminated dog food incident!

And thank you Emma for handing down some of your old clothes! You can't beat hand-me-downs!!!! I wish this was a better shot of the pants b/c they have cute little pink flamingos on them!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yes this would be how Little Bit refers to "bubbles." She LOVES them. Actually more than the bubbles she loves the stick. So when Emma and Ethan got this gigantic bubble toy she was mesmerized! Of course it could be because it was their new toy and not hers. You always want what isn't yours! She also became attached to a new vacuum toy that they got. Steven of course had to make the comment about having no clue how she would know what to do with a vacuum since she's never seen anyone use one. Not funny.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy B-day Ethan & Emma

Sophie had a blast at Emma and Ethan's 2nd birthday party. The fact that it was their 2nd birthday shocks doesn't seem like they should be two and I DEFINITELY shouldn't have a fourteen month old! The party was at the city park in the big red barn which was a really cool place for a party but would certainly be too cold in March! Here's a few pictures from the day. Oh and I learned that Andrea is telling the is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of the twins together.

Emma was happy that "Soapie" made it to her party!

The Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Boy!

Jenny's "Jumbo Bucket-o-Bubbles" gift was a HUGE hit!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Breakfast of Champions

Burnt toast. YUM! Obviously I had the dial cranked up too high on the toaster but with enough grape jelly you can cover the taste of anything!

We have a busy day ahead of us. At 2:00 we are headed to a Dora and Diego b-day party for the Twinkies. Then it's off to GiGi and Papa's for a fun evening of non-stop attention. Steven and I are headed to a West Virginia Power (that has to be one of the dumbest names for a baseball team in the history of baseball) baseball game this evening. I LOVE the atmosphere of baseball games so I can't wait!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We Made the News!

Sorry no pics or video to post, yet. But Anne emailed me and said that she saw me and Sophie B. on Good Morning West Virginia this morning! Apparently they ran a segment on Hycat's swimming lessons and she said that Sophie was kicking in the water looking straight at the camera! I remember a camera guy being at our last swimming lesson but I thought he was just making a video for the University of Charleston. I'm gonna try to get my hands on the tape or they might replay it tonight on Fox News at 10. Lets hope that they didn't show to much of the rather large adult holding her in the water (uh yeah...that'd be me!).

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Results Are In

And you are NOT going to believe this one. As of right now Sophia is NOT getting tubes put in her ears. The ENT checked her out today and said that her ears look perfect and the pressure test came back normal. However the next time she gets an ear infection (which I'm guessing will be next week) I am suppose to take her to the ENT instead of her regular pediatrician.

It sounds crazy but I'm not sure if I should be happy about the fact that she doesn't have to have surgery. On one hand I dreaded the tubes because she would have to be so careful about getting water in her ears and I do know of kids who get tubes and still get ear infections. But one the other hand, tubes may help her. Maybe if I put her in a plastic bubble to live in she wouldn't get sick anymore. I wonder if they sell those on eBay?

Oh and I have to mention the super cute thing Little Bit did at the ENT's office today. The waiting room was super crowded. As we were leaving Steven tells her to say goodbye to instead of just waiving "bye bye" she stands in the middle of the room and blows a gigantic and dramatic kiss and says "muuuuuah". Now if I could only get her to say "ciao" after she blows the kiss!


Checking out the new ferns with the Queen Mum...didn't you guys hear that the old bird was in town?? JUST KIDDING G!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Days of Thunder...

THIGHS that is!! Don't you just love the chubbies! I definitely over exposed that baby butt of hers but it's still a cute picture. She does this every night before we put her in the tub. Actually I think a lot of kids must do this because I've seen a quite a few of these poses on other blogs. I'm just waiting for the day that she tries to get in the tub herself...I'm sure the result won't be pretty.

Sophia is feeling much better today! Her ears passed inspection at Uncle Ed's office (this is how we will be referring to our doctor since we unfortunately have to see him more then we see Uncle Brian and Uncle Sean) and she's finally off of antibiotics. Turns out that the newest antibiotic was giving her a rash and making her grumpy. We still have our appointment with the ENT on Wednesday and I'm hoping that he's the angel of good health in disguise!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The day is over....FINALLY

Today was a looooong day. In fact you know that band of Gypsies that I've mentioned before, well at one point today I was wishing that they'd come through town. Although I'm quite positive that they would have turned their Gypsy wagons around before they made it to Charleston and brought her back.

Apparently I spoke to soon when I said that Sophia was on the mend. Last night and this morning we realized that the antibiotics were NOT working. So today was one of those days that no matter what we did Sophia was not a happy camper. We tried EVERYTHING. We even made a quick trip to the park thinking it would put a smile on her face. Nope. Nothing. We managed to make her happy for 5 minutes this evening with her bubbles. She still hasn't figured out how to blow but she looks cute trying.

Of course after a few minutes of dipping the stick in and out of the bubbles she was back to screaming. I know she's not feeling well and I know that her ears hurt. I feel so bad for her and I'd give anything for her to be back to her old self. First thing tomorrow it's another trip to the doctor. I have a feeling that she'll be getting a shot of antibiotics since the last 2 haven't worked.
(And thank you Aunt Laura for the cool non-spill bubbles! This little invention ranks up there with the mini Popsicles. )

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Quick Update

Everything is good in the Sophie department. Her arms haven't turned purple lately which I take to be a very good sign. I spoke with her pediatrician on Thursday and our first step is to send her to an allergist to see whether or not she is allergic to certain antibiotics. Hopefully we'll find out that she is and we can just avoid those drugs. If she's not...then we'll have to look into going to a cardiologist and a rheumatologist. Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers.

I haven't picked up my camera in almost a week. Little Bit just hasn't been in a picture taking mood. She still isn't 100% over her ear infection but we are getting there. I'm thinking that by Monday she'll be itching to go back to day care. Miss Anna said that it just wasn't the same without her and I actually believe that statement...b/c it's probably been quite nice without her there. There isn't anyone going around waking the other kids up!

On a side note we had our big community yard sale today. I didn't realize until today that baby clothes sell like crack. I made $225! I have to admit that it was a little sad parting with some of Sophie's things. My neighbor asked if my goal was to never have anymore children since I was unloading so much. She pretty much hit the nail on the head! Why is it that some people look at you like you have 3 heads when you say that you only want one child? Geesh people.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


So something is wrong with Little Bit and no one seems to know what it is. Steven and I are completely freaked out but doctors don't seem to be too concerned. This morning I once again had to take her to the doctor for another ear infection (2 in less then 7 days). We get a new antibiotic and I gave her one dose and sent her on her way to daycare.

Around 3 o'clock day care calls to tell me that Soph's arms were turning blue.....again!!! So I of course freaked out and called the doctor (but only got to talk to the receptionist) she talks to the doc and he says that I could pick her up and keep and eye on her or take her to the ER...So for the 1st time I got pissed off at him. The last time he was pretty concerned about it and he immediately took her off of the antibiotic and switched her to a new one. Well this time he didn't even mention the antibiotic!!! So I felt like I had no choice but to take her to the ER!

So when i got her daycare her arms were definitely purple with a few "pink" spots just like the last time...and sure enough by the time I got her to the had only seems to last about 45 minutes.

The ER doc said that he honestly had no idea what the problem is...he said that it "could" be an allergic reaction to the meds so we might want to go to an allergy doc to have her tested for medicine reactions. He said that Raynaud's Phenonemon (which is what my doctor had called it back when it happened the first time) usually only affects the hands not up the entire arm...and it is not usually caused by drug reactions. He gave her a new antibiotic and sent us on our way.

I just have a sickening feeling that there is more to the story. A kid's arms shouldn't turn eggplant purple for 45 minutes! It's just a gut feeling I have. The 1st time it happened I just felt as though it was NOT a drug reaction. Now I am HORRIBLE about playing doctor and self diagnosing so maybe it is just my paranoia kicking in. Granted she doesn't seem to be in pain when it happens but what if one day it lasts longer then 45 minutes and her hands start to go numb!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Strip Tease

I know that I've mentioned before how excited Little Bit gets when it's bath time. So here's what she does when we say "Do you want to be a naked baby?" The girl starts pulling her clothes off! Steven usually pulls her arms through her shirt but she can manage to rip off the rest. It's so cute! But a trait that I hope she leaves behind in her childhood. We definitely don't want to put "stripper" on the resume!