Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And She Lies!!!

Caught your attention with that heading huh? Well it's true. This may look like a sweet and innocent face. But behind that facade is a real stinker! Yesterday morning after I had left for work Sophia woke up before Steven had time to iron his shirt. So he put her in our bed to watch cartoons. He said he knew there was gonna be trouble when he went back in because she hadn't made a peep. So he walks in and there sits Little Bit on our bed with a tub o diaper rash ointment with the lid off (apparently I had left it on our night stand). She looks right at her daddy and says "uh-o." Yeah busted. But it didn't end there. She looks at the dog laying beside her, points at him and says "Oscar, no no no." Can you believe it! Tried to blame it on the DOG! God help me we are gonna have our hands full with this one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O Brother

There's no doubt about it. The girl would make a fabulous big sister. But unless there's an "immaculate conception" and an angel wakes me up one night to tell me that I'm the chosen one, then it ain't gonna happen and I'm pretty sure that story has already been told. So Little Bit will just have to love on her cousins. Here she is holding her 4 month old cousin Tyler. Granted Tyler is almost as big as she is but she thinks she should be allowed to carry him across the room. She looks at us like we're nuts when we give her a firm NO on that little number. She's also a pro drool mopper and can spot it from a mile away. She bee lines it for his burp cloth and mouth ands says "he a mess" while giving him a wipe down.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bathing Beauties

Little girls amaze me. I swear they come programed with a specific set of genes that allows them to be motherly from early on. Last Friday Steven's sister was giving Zachary a bath and I happened to walk in and find the little mama herself taking over bath duty.

Doesn't this just crack you up? I can't believe that Zachary actually sat there and let this wild woman wash his hair. But he loves his "Popie," as he calls her.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


It's true. Eating too much turkey, as seen in this photo of Little Bit asking for "more"....

leads to this....

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We spent the entire holiday with Steven's family. Which meant there was non-stop eating, yay! Sophie loved getting to spend time with her cousins. And I'm not kidding when I say that I thought that we might have to sneak Zachary home in her suitcase. They've been best buds over the last few days. I have a feeling that we are gonna have one unhappy toddler on our hands tomorrow morning. I guess it's never too early to learn that Mondays are HORRIBLE. I'll post more later. Right now I have a packed suitcase calling my name.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Did I ever tell you about the time...

that I almost burned the house down? Yeah, that would have happened TONIGHT! You know, maybe I should start blogging about some of the idiotic things that I have done in my past. Such as falling into a huge fountain in the middle of a packed mall during Xmas all because I was trying to play with the coins in the bottom. Or the time that I cussed out a local news anchor, Mr. Cartoon, who hosted a children's cartoon show. I could go on and on especially when you consider the fact that those to things occurred at age of 3 and 4. But we'll jump to age 29.

I come home from work and Sophie and I jump into cooking a baked chicken dinner. I turn on the oven and we start to work. We finish but it's still 30 minutes before Steven would get home and the chicken only takes 20 minutes to bake so we head downstairs and wait. The next thing I know, the dog is barking like crazy and the house is FILLED with this putrid, horrible smell and smoke is EVERYWHERE! The fire alarm is going crazy. I run upstairs and IMMEDIATELY know what's going on. I open the oven door and smoke comes rolling out, reminded me of a 1967 VW bus full of hippies! I throw open the back door and the dog looks at me and I swear if he could talk he would have said "save yourself fools, I'm out!"

The reason: my husband had placed a 9x13 cake with a P-L-A-S-T-I-C lid in the oven! And I cranked that baby up to 450 degrees!! We had to leave the house for dinner, open all of the windows, doors and garage door to try to get the horrible smell out. Someone could have walked in our house and completely robbed us blind, lucky for us we don't have anything worth stealing nor are we attached to anything.

The worse part: dear husband told me that the pan was in the oven this morning and to NOT preheat the oven without taking it out first. So I have no one to blame but myself. God I hate that.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Little About A Gigi

Did you know that having a GiGi when you are 1 is ultra cool? They let certain little girls play in their jewelry drawer. Let them sit on the bar and help cook. And basically anything fun goes down at GiGi's house. A swimming pool full of Jello probably isn't too far out of the question. And GiGis are really good at surprises. Like surprising Sophie with a beautiful red coat that her mommy has had her eye on!

Thanks mom/GiGi, your're the best! Yesterday Steven and I took Sophia down to the Capitol grounds to try to get a few pics for our Xmas card. She wasn't 100% into having her picture taken (when is she) and I couldn't get her cute little mug in focus. Oh AND I'm sure we looked crazy dragging a rocking horse out of the car.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Morning

This is the look of having to spend your Saturday morning with your parents at Wallyworld. Fun times! I'm sure she'd be much happier jamming to the Wiggles and playing with her babies but alas we have to have food. I'm amazed at how packed the stores are starting to get with Xmas shoppers and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet! On this particular trip to hell we picked up a Thomas the Train cho-cho that makes sounds and a Thomas movie to put under the tree. So what if it's a boy thing, Little Bit looooves her some cho-cho trains.

Reaching the boiling point

"I'll get out myself!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The big 2-0

My dearest Little Bit,

Well you're no longer a "teenager" and what a month it has been. First off, I need to explain something to you. When I was pregnant with you, I was literally giganto. Yes…part of this was because I choose to eat banana splits for dinner every night, but I digress. I’m 5’1 and I blew up to the size of a house. My feet were so swollen that I had “kankles” for godsake! I never thought that my feet would return to normal. And I tell you this to tell you this: after all I went through it is not very nice of you to shove me out of your room and scream for your daddy when I’m trying to put you to bed. Not cool Little Bit, not cool at all. Sure it’s just a phase, but it makes me pretty sad. Granted I love it that you and your daddy are two peas in a pod, but it makes me a little jealous. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. And when you get older and want to talk to me about boys, I’ll be sure to direct you right to the source!

This month you to hate, loathe, and despise bugs, spiders, or any other member of the insect world. Can’t say that I blame you on that one. It’s so cute to hear you say, “EWWWWWW, EWWWWW.” Apparently, your day care teachers had to put all of the plastic spiders and bugs away because they totally flip you out. Who wants to play with plastic bugs anyway? Those kids apparently have issues and will be better off without them.

We celebrated Halloween this past month. You’ve only been on this earth a total of 609 days but without a doubt trick-or-treat night has been the best day of your life thus far. You were such a cute little pirate. We were especially proud when you walked right up to a 7 year old boy dressed as a pirate and screamed “ARRRR” right in his face. Way to play the part! Next year we’ll have to practice before we go out to hit up the neighbors for candy. You are not suppose to walk up to the bowl and take as much as you want. And you aren’t “suppose” to go to the same house twice. Luckily, we have nice and understanding neighbors.

We (especially me) also love that you still love to sing your little heart out. Of course we sometimes have NO CLUE what you are singing and we often have to ask your teachers to translate for us. I had no idea that you were randomly breaking it down to the “chicken dance’ and “cluck cluck clucking” until yesterday when I heard it playing in your room when I picked you up. Now it all makes sense.

By 21 months I hope you figure out that brushing your teeth is a very good thing, not something that people scream and cry over every night. Unless of course you want your teeth to look like chicklets. You love to play with play-dough, although I usually have to take it away b/c you try to feed it to the dog and/or take a few bites yourself. And you like to “color color’ but it is apparently more fun to dump all 96 crayons into the floor. And why you said it double double, we’ll never know. You also say “car car.” Hmmm, strange but we love the craziness and laugh about it daily. You can alway put a smile on our faces. So happy 20 months Sophie B. I love this picture of you holding your legs like you did when you were tiny. It reminds me that you will always be my baby.

Love Mama

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

While dad's away...

the kitchen is c-l-o-s-e-d. This means that Sophie and I grub down on lots of healthy food. For example, last night it was pizza and bread sticks. Actually we have this so often that the girl chants "pizza, pizza" when she sees a pizza box. And tonight we had some gourmet McDonald's. Little Bit was tearing into that bag like a starvin' Marvin. Yummy, nothing says saturated fat like a Big Mac and fries. I did lighten it up a little when I opted for the apple dippers in the happy meal rather than the fries. Wait, on second thought the caramel dipping sauce probably negated the healthiness of the apples huh?

Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Eat the fries, that's what.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mr. Ego

Yep that's right, it's Sigmund Freud. Can you believe that they actually made him into an action figure! Some psych company was handing him out at the Workers' Comp expo. Of course after delving deeper into the world of actions figures I discovered that there's a lot of interesting miniatures out there.

For instance, for you art lovers there's the Van Gogh action figure. Complete with a missing ear.
There's Oscar Wilde who wrote a little book call the Picture of Dorian Gray, one of my faves.
And in case you want to try parting the Kanawha river, here's a Moses to give you some inspiration. He comes with a tablet of 10 commandments in case you need a refresher.
As you can see I've got a whole big nothing to blog about. But in a few days Little Bit turns the big 2-0. Twenty months that is.

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Time to Play...

name that Action Figure!!! Would anyone like to take a stab at the identity of this true to life miniature??? I came across him at the Expo I attended in Chicago so he was a freebie...but by far the funniest thing I've come across in a long time. I have a weird sense of humor, what can I say. I blurred his hands but I can't figure out what he's holding anyway. Ok....guess.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not a Fan

Either I have a tom boy on my hands or the whole "princesses are the best thing since sliced bread" phase just hasn't entered our house yet. Andrea has a full scale tutu operation underway at her house because Emma is currently a huge princess fan. So for fun I thought that I would pull out the one I made for pics last year. Lets just say that if Little Bit could verbalize a little better, she would have said "get this damn thing off of me, NOW!" Maybe it was itchy. Or maybe it was too puffy. Or maybe she just didn't see the point. What ever the reason, the tutu will not be going back on for awhile.

Please excuse the dog's butt in this one. That mutt is always in the way.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


But without pictures. Chicago was really cool. Our hotel was right on Michigan Avenue so we could walk virtually everywhere. It was so fun to go into Neiman Marcus and look at $1500 shoes. And it was beyond crazy to actually see people buying those shoes! NUTS! And Wicked was totally awesome. If it ever comes to a town near you, GO SEE IT.
Of course Sophie and Steven did fine without me. Tomorrow Steven goes out of town for a week so just us girls will be hanging out all week. I haven't picked up my camera in over a week...but I plan on getting back with the program soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Leaf Jumping

Lots of pics coming up because these are just too cute. It's November 4th. Who would have thought that the weather would be nice enough to play outside on November 4th? But that's exactly what we did today. Steven took care of some much needed yard work today so that created the perfect opportunity for Little Bit to jump in the leaves. Steven had to take extra caution raking up Sophie a pile to play in, otherwise she'd end up playing in a pile of you-know-what, thanks to Oscar the Boxer. I think these photos speak for themselves. The girl had a blast.

I love this one! Getting ready to jump on in!

So I'll see you guys when I get back from Chi-town on Thursday. We are staying right on the "Magnificent Mile" so I hope to do lots of shopping. Of course I'm living on borrowed time on my lap top. Today it told me that my c drive was full so I had to erase a ton of stuff.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been sicker than a d-0-double g. Tis the season for the day care crud to start passing from person to person. Since Halloween there's not been much excitement in our little world. On Monday I'm heading to Chicago for a conference where I get to learn about herniated disks so that's pretty exciting for me. I've never been to Chi-town and to make it even better we are going to see the musical Wicked while we are there. I looooved the book.

As for Little Bit, she's same old Little Bit. Non-stop action. And she's been talking up a storm. Lately she's really into Mel-mo (Elmo). And as you can tell from this pic, the closer you can get to him the better.