Saturday, November 3, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been sicker than a d-0-double g. Tis the season for the day care crud to start passing from person to person. Since Halloween there's not been much excitement in our little world. On Monday I'm heading to Chicago for a conference where I get to learn about herniated disks so that's pretty exciting for me. I've never been to Chi-town and to make it even better we are going to see the musical Wicked while we are there. I looooved the book.

As for Little Bit, she's same old Little Bit. Non-stop action. And she's been talking up a storm. Lately she's really into Mel-mo (Elmo). And as you can tell from this pic, the closer you can get to him the better.


Neurotic Att'y said...

Hey! How come my state job doesn't afford ME trips to Chicago? No fair! Well, I suppose I should at least wish you a good trip. It's not your fault that you get to go and I don't.

BTW, Sophie watches Mel-Mo like I watch WVU football, well, except for home games. They don't like it when you get that close to the actual field.

ashamiley420 said...

wow kim. these pics are absolutely aewsome of the soph b. she truly is an amazing child and i'm so glad she's in my room.

~ Ashley

Kristen said...

Love her pants! ..that's how my boy sits when he watches Mickey Mouse.. :)

Janice said...

What is with our kids getting so close to the TV? I have no idea why my kids do it but I am convinced they already have eye problems because of it.

Have fun in Chi-town!! Lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Chicago. I went there a while back on business. Lots of great shopping -- so, I hope you are staying downtown.

Love how Sophia is being "Mike TV" -- this reminds me of someone else --hmm:)

Carrie S.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so jealous--I LOVED the book, too, and would love even more to see it on stage! Have a fun trip and hope you find time for some shopping!

Anonymous said...

the pic of her sittin in front of the tube looks like a little "Chichen" to me! posture and all!

your little cousin in PA