Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Quick One

No time to waste my time blogging I have a book to read and it is G-O-O-D! I finally picked up Twilight at the Walmart yesterday. It's pretty darn good, I just wish that it was written for a little older of an audience. Sorry but i love a good raunchy book! 

So I'm off to read. But here's a few pics of the Soph and Emmy at a picnic that we had the other day after work (I work with Emmy's mama). We even packed up a basket to carry it a whole 50 yards out the front door. Geesh, the things we do for kids. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Zower in the Shower

Little Bit would rather take a shower over a bath any day of the week. And lately she's been showing off her "scary face." Lovely isn't it? 

So we have a BIG DAY in store on Friday. We are heading over to Gracie's house for a HUGE celebration. A joint "Bye Bye Paci" party. Complete with a cake and helium balloons to sail away all remaining pacis. And when they wake up, a gift from the paci fairy.  Sophie B. still gets her paci for nap at daycare and to sleep at night but come Friday, it's no more! I'll pay anyone $500 to stay at my house on Friday night so I can go sleep at a hotel. Please? I'm begging. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Notice the title of the book. Sounds like a perfect fit to me! We made our very first trip to the library on Saturday. I've been dreading that place like the plague because a certain little girl doesn't know the  meaning of the word "quiet." So on the way there I gave her a Jimmy Swaggart sermon on how we are suppose to be quiet in the library or they'd kick us out. Wouldn't you know it, Sophie B. didn't raise her voice above a whisper one single time! Totally through me for a loop! She had a blast picking out books. So I'm thinking that we can make the library a weekly thing, until they kick us out. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top of the World

If it can be climbed....

She'll climb it. 

Because the view from above, is to die for. 

Yeah ok so not so much for the view but for the slide at the top. But the girl does love to climb. Yesterday morning we caught her standing on top of the kitchen counters looking for a cup because she wanted chocolate milk. Nice. She FINALLY starts gymnastics on September 3. Hopefully, she can perform her death defying feats at the gym as opposed to our house. Right, what am i saying, she'll probably just use our couch as her launch pad. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big News

So Steven's sister, who is also Ty's mama, and is also known as Aunt Mayme (Amy) is five months pregnant. We've all been waiting anxiously to find out what she's having. We have been keeping our fingers crossed on this end for a girl. Sophie B. has 4 boy cousins and if you count Finn and a few other second cousins, there are 7 boys and ZERO girls. 

Well today she had her 3rd ultra sound. The BIG one. The one where you are 20 weeks pregnant and the tech says "Congratulations! It's a ____. And this time the tech  said, "It's a GIRL!" And it's "ANOTHER GIRL!" TWINS! I'm surprised that Amy didn't pass out right there on the table! Five months and the doctor didn't know! But apparently they are in the same sac so they weren't showing up on the early ultrasounds and their heartbeats have been the same.

So we are beyond excited! Sophie has been making it a point to tell us that "Aunt Mayme has twoooooo babies in her belly!" Amy and Buncle Sean might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Ty will probably be around 16 months old when the twins make their debut! But God never gives you more than you can handle. Or in the words of the great Kanye West "n-n-now that that don't kill me. Can only make me stronger." Preach it Kanye. 

Here's the cute family of 3 and it's about to grow by 2! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boys & Girls

Lately it's clicked with Sophie that she's a girl. I don't think I'd call her a girly girl. She seems to be more interested in the mice and the cat in Cinderella rather than the ultimate princess of princesses herself. She's doesn't go gaga over jewelry or shoes. And dressing up in her fairy costume doesn't seem to be high on her list of fun. But she's the first one to tell you "I a girl!" And Finn here is a boy. That's according to Little Bit. Apparently I didn't know that fact and my two year old had to tell me 13,394 times. 

Monday, August 18, 2008

29 Months

My one and only,

Well Little Bit, another month has passed and in just 31 days you've grown right before our eyes. You are sleeping as snug as a bug in your big girl bed. I haven't had to hold you hostage in your room for weeks now! You're speaking in complete sentences and every day you surprise us with some new phrase or word. And you are starting to play pretend which is the funniest thing on earth.

For months your babies have been named simply "baby." Duh, it's a baby why would it be called anything else. But just last week you completely through us for a loop when you announced that your monkey was no longer "monkey." From that day forward she would be known as "Jesse James." Apparently that hookerish looking monkey has an outlaw side to her.  And the amazing thing about Jesse James is that she picks out your undies every night after your bath. And tonight, she even picked a pair out for herself. 

Oh and here's a funny one that you pulled on your daddy over the weekend. Grammy and PapPap had a cooked on Saturday and daddy had just put you into a little high chair. Of course you IMMEDIATELY start with the whole "I gotta peepee!" And what does your daddy say? He says "now Sophie, you just went to the bathroom, you are fine. It's not nice to cry wolf." Yeah, the next words out of your mouth were "daddy I already peepeed." And we see a HUGE puddle of of pee dripping off the chair. I can guarantee you that the next time you say you have to pee, he'll listen. But go ahead and note this piece of advice, men NEVER listen. 

I mentioned in an earlier blog about how much you love to read. You really have no clue how happy that makes me. I was so afraid that you would inherit that weird gene from your father, the one that allows him to read only one book every five years. If you ask him,  he'll tell you that the last book he read from cover to cover was "Hannibal." You mother on the other hand has probably read hundreds of books over the same 5 years. 

So this weekend I'm going to take you to the library for the first time. Should be interesting. You apparently do not have the gene that allows you to differentiate between an "outside voice" and an "inside voice." You really need to work on mastering that skill. I put it up there  with wiping your own butt and making your own bowl of cereal. I think once we get those things nailed down you are good to go, and maybe mommy and daddy can sleep in late.

Little Bit you continue to be funky and spunky. You possibly suffer from AD/HD. And you have a stellar ability to "tell it like it is" with phrases like "Stop whining Steven" or "I really like you mommy" or on the other hand "you makin' me mad." And then you make a face like this:

But we love you to the moon, and back. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wiggly Party

Long time no blog! We've been MIA since last Wednesday. So I have a lot of catching up to do but first and foremost I have to blog about the Wiggles! Ok so I know that a lot of people can't stand 'em but around here we ♥ the Wiggles. But we also sing 24/7 so I guess it's only natural that we'd like four grown men who jump around like morons and sing songs like "Do the Monkey" and "Hoop-Dee-Doo." But truth be told, we like the Wiggles because one Sophia B. Carr loves them more than anything. And if you could have seen the look on her face when the Big Red Car rolled out on stage, I guarantee that you'd be jumping up and down and screaming "WAKE UP JEFF" like we were! Steven included.

I'm serious, the girl's jaw hit the floor and she remained in a state of awe for an hour and a half. We've done a lot of cool stuff with Sophie B.  but so far this little concert ranks number one on the list. These four dudes know how to entertain the kiddos. They even come down into the crowd and pose for pictures. Oh and the fab four even dressed up like the real Fab Four. And Murray even played a little Stairway to Heaven on his guitar. These guys are also laughing all the way to the Bank of Australia. 

3 tickets to the Wiggles- $120
1 Wiggly t-shirt-$17
Parking at Mellon Arena- $9
Watching your little girl have the time of her life- PRICELESS! 


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Jackson

Talk about C-U-T-E! Meet Jackson. It's almost like a walk back in time when I go visit babies at the hospital. Two years ago my heart started living outside of my body. And there's no question that yesterday at 2:59 pm the same exact thing happened to Jenny. 


Jenny and Jared, enjoy your sweet baby. Before you know it he'll be shoving Cheerios up his nose and peeing in dressing rooms. Actually, maybe that doesn't happen to everyone. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Top 10

1. Only three more days until we see the Fab Four live and in person. For some reason Steven does not think it would be "cute"  to wear black pants and either a red, yellow, blue or purple shirt. Come on, be a sport dad! He says he feels dumb enough the way it is because we are going to the 3:00 show which will be full of stay-at-home moms and very few dads. Hello, he's taking off work, I'm sure other daddy's will be doing the same.

2. My friend Jenny who you saw a few posts below got a surprise this morning in the form of her water breaking! And by 2:59 Jackson Marshal was here weighing in at 6 pounds. That's not too shabby for a kid who was almost an entire month early! I can't WAIT to see him!

3. We stayed up WAAAAY to late watching men's swimming. Did you guys catch our totally awesome men's relay team win the gold??? So worth staying up late to see. 

4. Who knew that at 7 o'clock in the morning my sweet little girl turns into a rude, obnoxious teenager. Seriously, she is the meanest person on the planet when we wake her up. Isn't she a little young to be starting that crap?

5. Sophie B.  is also counting down the days until she sees her cousins. We are going to stay at their house on Thursday night in Pittsburgh or I should say Crazyville because that's what it's gonna be. She'll be in heaven. Steven is counting down the days until he gets to play golf with his brother for the first time this year. He'll be in heaven too.

6. So I ordered 2 pairs of size 2T jeans from Old Navy and they came in the mail a few days ago. Uh yeah, slight problem, they are the longest jeans I have ever seen in my life! Apparently, even in the kid department jeans are made for the children of super models.

7. I came across this picture of the Spanish Basketball team this morning and all I can say is that some people seriously just don't give a flying sh*t. 

8. I'm really sad that Bernie Mac died. How can there be any more "Ocean's 11" movies without Frank!

9. It amazes me that people are surprised that John Edwards had an affair on his wife. This same man paid over $400 om a hair cut. Obviously he had to look good for someone. 

10. You want to hear something funny. Listen to a 2 year old sing  Frère Jacques. I've totally gotta record that one. 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Girl Loves a Good Party

Around February Little Bit learned to sing "Happy Birthday." So since then birthdays have been taken to a whole other level around here. In the past (read pre-Sophie B), we never made a big deal about any one's birthday. Yeah, not so much anymore. You mention the word "birthday" around Sophie B. and she immediately starts asking if we are going to a party, will there will be cake, will there be candles. And the girl starts singing "happy birthday" to "fill in the blank" and keeps singing it until she gets to sing it live and in person to the birthday girl/boy.   So we've attended and thrown quite a few birthday parties: Steven, GiGi, Me, Emma & Ethan, Joel, Katie. And my 81 year old grandpa is no exception. Papaw Cho-Cho turned 81, so party we did. 

And you'd think at 81, he wouldn't need any help opening this presents. Wrong. 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Games Begin

I can't explain it but every four years something comes over me. Normally I can't STAND to watch any type of sporting event on TV. But every four years, for 2 weeks  I become glued to the TV. Yep, it's Olympic time. Maybe it's the feel good stories. Maybe Bob Costas casts a spell that that sucks me in, lord knows you see enough of that man during the Olympics. And what is it about Tom Brokaw that makes me tear up every time he narrates something. Whatever the reason, I can tell you about every single summer Olympics from 1984, when my home girl Mary Lou was flipping for gold, and on. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 

So we are letting Sophie B. stay up late tonight so for the first time in her life she can witness the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Maybe around 2020 we'll be cheering her on. Maybe gymnastics, swimming, or even the high dive! A mama can dream right? 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8 Months & Counting

So this evening my friend Jenny was my guinea pig. I hardly ever take photos of anyone other than Little Bit. Actually, I get all nervous and end up snapping photos off so fast that I end up forgetting to change my camera settings, blur 75% of the pics, and chop of limbs. But Jenny is currently on bed rest so little Jackson will probably be here sooner rather than later so if we didn't take some pics soon she would she wouldn't have a belly. Of course now that I've downloaded all of the pics I want to go back over there and do a redo because I now see what I could have done differently. Oh well. Jackson will be here soon so I can take pics of him. Jared gave me quite a look when I told him that I wanted to put his son in a bowl in the middle of the dining room table. Men. They just can't envision anything. 

The Holy Bible of mommies to be! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 Again

1. Houston we have progress. Little Bit has finally decided to stop being a stubborn mule in the color department. So my theory that she was color blind is out the window. I wasn't totally nuts to think that either. Apparently Steven is color blind or at least that's what the Navy told him. 

2. I'm sadly reliving the best decade in the history of the world, the 80's,  through my child. Anyone need a quarter? Oh wait, Little Bit can hook you up.

3. I'm loving reading with Sophie B. in the big girl bed. We've been reading book after book after book. And these days she likes actual stories as opposed to babyish books, like Brown Bear. Biscuit is her current favorite. I thinking about making a giant book "wish list" for Christmas this year. 

4. Our friends Joel and Shannon finally had their baby on Friday. Owen Daniel weighed 10 pounds and 1 ounce! Poor Shannon. We haven't seen him yet but hopefully sometime next week when they've settled down we can go for a visit. 

5. Today marked my 5 year anniversary of working for the State of West Virginia. Only 25-30 more years to go. I'm not getting off this gravy train for 'nothin.

6.  Don't ask me what this pose is all about.

7. Wow, I'm totally sucked in to Celebrity Family Feud at the moment. So I've gotta wrap this  this post up! The people from The Office are hilarious! 

8. Oh remember last Tuesday I mentioned that I hadn't had a hair cut since OCTOBER. Well I'm taking care of that on Saturday. Thank God. Maybe I'll post a picture of my new do because I can guarantee you that Saturday will be the only day that it will look good. 

9. I think Steven and I are going to go a Power game on Thursday. Anyone want to go? 

10. Is anyone into the Twilight books? I'm thinking about getting a few because I've heard they are the bomb. 

Monday, August 4, 2008


I know I've been pretty boring in the blogging department lately. But seriously, just nothing earth shattering and blog worthy has been going on. Not to mention the fact that my favorite subject has been somewhat of a turd lately. I think I need a new muse. The last thing a busy two year old wants is a camera shoved in their face! Case in point, this picture. 

<span class=

You can't interrupt a girl eating chocolate ice cream while watching Dora.  

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Few More

So Steven is NOT a fan of heights. He deals with them but gets a little antsy when face with them. So putting him and a squirmy 2 year old on a ski lift was not his idea of fun. Want to give daddy a heart attack, just jump from lap to lap on a ski lift  a couple stories up in the air! 

We rode the lift on our last day at Snowshoe because in order to get down to the lake, ya gotta ride the lift. They have a super cute little beach area down at the bottom with a few play grounds, a small swimming area, and bounce houses. But we decided to try out a paddle boat. Big mistake. Little Bit thought it was the most boring thing on the planet! Who wants to ride "on" the water, when you can be "in" the water! But she looked cute in her life jacket!