Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 Again

1. Houston we have progress. Little Bit has finally decided to stop being a stubborn mule in the color department. So my theory that she was color blind is out the window. I wasn't totally nuts to think that either. Apparently Steven is color blind or at least that's what the Navy told him. 

2. I'm sadly reliving the best decade in the history of the world, the 80's,  through my child. Anyone need a quarter? Oh wait, Little Bit can hook you up.

3. I'm loving reading with Sophie B. in the big girl bed. We've been reading book after book after book. And these days she likes actual stories as opposed to babyish books, like Brown Bear. Biscuit is her current favorite. I thinking about making a giant book "wish list" for Christmas this year. 

4. Our friends Joel and Shannon finally had their baby on Friday. Owen Daniel weighed 10 pounds and 1 ounce! Poor Shannon. We haven't seen him yet but hopefully sometime next week when they've settled down we can go for a visit. 

5. Today marked my 5 year anniversary of working for the State of West Virginia. Only 25-30 more years to go. I'm not getting off this gravy train for 'nothin.

6.  Don't ask me what this pose is all about.

7. Wow, I'm totally sucked in to Celebrity Family Feud at the moment. So I've gotta wrap this  this post up! The people from The Office are hilarious! 

8. Oh remember last Tuesday I mentioned that I hadn't had a hair cut since OCTOBER. Well I'm taking care of that on Saturday. Thank God. Maybe I'll post a picture of my new do because I can guarantee you that Saturday will be the only day that it will look good. 

9. I think Steven and I are going to go a Power game on Thursday. Anyone want to go? 

10. Is anyone into the Twilight books? I'm thinking about getting a few because I've heard they are the bomb. 


Jonathan's Mommy said...

Man, do I love those shoes! If we could get Jonathan and Sophie together right now, they could totally hang old school!

You MUST post a picture of the new hairdo!

Jami said...

Gotta love the Roos!! I'm thinking about jumping on the Twilight bandwagon too.

Anonymous said...

boy those Roos are a blast from your past. a friend had to take her daughter at midnight to get the latest book. she said they are better than Potter.

Shana-Lynn said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your new hair cut! You should do a before and after for us.

Those shoes are totally cute.

Anonymous said...

The show Sunday Morning just had a bit on the Twilight books. Looks like they may be a good read -- there is a massive cult following. I was thinking of checking them out since I finished Pillars of the Earth. Guess I better get on it before November.

Carrie S.

Paula said...

Wow, I must be living under a rock. I have not seen these Roos in the stores nor did I even know what you were talking about..but know that I have seen then..they are looking familiar..and I have never heard of these books...good luck with the haircut post a picture

Anonymous said...

I am lovin' the Roos. I can't wait for pegged jeans to come back. I am totally there!!!!

Anybody have a can of Rave Ultra Hold?? LOL


Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

First and foremost, the 80s ROCKED! Neh-neh to you because I remember even more of those 10 glorious years than you! Second, tomorrow marks my 8-year anniversary with the State. Two more years and I'm vested in the retirement system. Whoo-hoo! MOST importantly, I love that last photo. She is such a little stinker!

Megan said...

Those shoes are so rockin'! I have a blue and pink pair almost just like that...I got them a couple of years ago. Ah...children of the 80's.

Jamie said...

I've never seen those shoes, but they are too cute! I thought Penny Loafers were the only shoes that doubled as a coin purse! :)

I've read the first three "Twilight" books. I thought they were entertaining, but definitely meant for a younger crowd. Very quick to read, give it a try!!

Jaidean said...

Cute shoes!!! I just read the first Twilight book this weekend and loved it. Started on the second now...go get them, quick and easy read.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes! I totally remember those! I need to pick up some of those for M&M! Oh, and you should so get the Twilight series. Read the first one on the beach and made dave find a bookstore to buy the other three!