Sunday, April 17, 2011


Another year older. The day started out bright and early at 8 am. Little Bit had crawled into our bed at some point during the night. I'm not sure what time she came in. I just know that at one point i was shocked wide awake because a tiny foot with torpedo force landed in my ribs. What seemed like seconds later another foot which appeared to be coming from the opposite side nailed my kidney. Steven was up and ready to head out to work for the last sunday of tax season. Little Bit was literally jumping on the bed asking if she could go outside and see if her friends could come out. At.8.A.M. Seriously. Happy Birthday to me.

By 10 I finally relented and let her go outside. She brings not one but two kids over to play. It's a gorgeous day outside. I'm already regretting the fact that I hadn't locked the door behind her when she went outside. I'm that mom. I'll often lock the door when it's a nice day outside. No coming inside and watching TV when you can be outside burning off the insane amount of energy you have in reserves. By 11 I couldn't take the fact that they were "inside" anymore. Not when there was sunshine to be had. So I rounded them up, shooed them outside. All three stood on the porch and Sophie said, "do we really have to play outside?!" As if I were talking to three other 33 year olds, I said, "Look, I love you guys, but today is my birthday and I really don't want to have to watch you guys inside." One kid looked up at me as though searching for the right thing to say. I so wanted to say, "the word you are looking for kiddo, is "bitoch!" Then they ran off to play as though that's what they were born to do and had forgotten that a mean Ms. Hannigan woman had kicked them outside. I locked the door behind them. Now happy birthday to me.

Deep thought- 33. Jesus was 33 when he died. The most influential person in the history of the world had done all that he needed to do by the ripe old age of 33. This fact popped in my head a few months ago when Steven turned 33. Jesus we are not. But still, 33?! 33 is YOUNG right?! I mean THE MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE TO EVER WALK ON THIS EARTH was finished by 33?! That is just crazy. Really crazy. All I've managed is a house in the suburbs, a honda, and a mountain o student loan debt for a career that I can't stand. Score for me!

So I'm not sure why I'm just feeling bah humbug on this birthday. Maybe it's because I SHOULD be sitting on a sail boat as I type. But the gov'ment had to go and screw with my plan. Which at 33 shows me just how much the government CAN and WILL screw with your life. And here I thought the State of the Union address interrupting the Cosby Show when I was 9 was bad!

Sophie flipped out over the fact that the delicious red velvet cake that my mama had made me for my birthday wasn't an ice cream cake. I seemed to be the only person who wanted to point a finger at her and say "too bad for you, NOT your day sista."

My free birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants was tarnished by some horrible service. Oh and my kid managed to fall down some brick steps and her face looks like she rubbed it in gravel. AND our phone is out and has been out

But there are things that I am thankful for. The obvious being that I am in fact alive. I have an awesome hubby and an over the top kid. My mama just lives like 2 miles away. My house in the burbs could not be in a better place because of the friends that we have here and the kids that Sophie can play with at 8 am. I have wonderful girlfriends and although we don't get together nearly as much as we should I know that we love each other dearly. I do hate the honda. And really, my job rocks and was created for me by divine intervention as not once has it kept me at work past 4:05. And i can laugh at myself. Yesterday, my friend and I confused dandelion leaves for pot leaves. True. Story. So yes I am old and lame. Happy 33rd Birthday to me.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I would like to go back to 22. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 on Tuesday

On a riz-ol! Two days in a row baby!

1. Now that I got the sappy 5 year old stuff out of the way, it's on to the lighter stuff! Turning 5 does call for a celebration. This year we skipped having a big birthday party and had a small party at our house with kids from the neighborhood. This party had a St. Paddy's Day theme!

The cake was sooooo cute. And Yummy!!

And Leprechaun traps were made by all.

They next morning we "almost" caught one. All that was left in the trap was his hat. Which fits perfectly on Reggie Bush


2. The following saturday we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge. Loved the water park. HATED the fact that the check in process sucks a big one. When you are paying big bucks for a room and check in time is at 4 and check out time is at 11 am, you had better bet your arse that I expect to be in that room no later than 4 o'clock. So when 5:30 rolled around and our room was finally ready, I in ticked off mode. Unacceptable. And the excuse of "we are just really busy right now." Again, unacceptable. They are called reservations. You know how many people you have in your resort at any given time. So 4 paws down to the Great Wolf Lodge. But 4 paws up for the water park park. I'm not kidding, i don't have one single picture from our trip. Too wet to deal with dragging a camera around.

3. Since kindergarten is right around the corner, I decided to have Sophie tested again to see whether or not she was still allergic to peanuts. After all we haven't had a peanut related incident in over 4 years. I took her to the doctor that day and was told that we would have to get a blood test. Wouldn't you know it, before i could even get that blood test, girlfriend got a hold of one peanut m&m and it was all over. Projectile vomit. Guess that answers that question! But I went ahead and got the blood test. Which was a barrel of fun! Surprise, positive, now give us $40 for telling you the obvious. Looks like she'll be class with all other allergy kids. And she will always have to sit at a table with the hot lunch kids even if she brings her lunch. I'm not so keen on that policy. I'm guessing Little Bit won't be either. I have a feeling that she'll end up telling them what she thinks of that policy.

4. Steven took our child to school today with out any shoes. Isn't that awesome!? Seesh. I guess i should give him a break. He is working 12+ hours a day and is a little tired and stressed. So there she sat for over an hour in her socks. Thank you Stephanie for bringing an extra pair of shoes!

5. I miss my big girls gymnastics class :( which also makes me miss having gay men in my life :(. Which makes me miss my friend Josh. :( No one could tell you that you looked like sh*t better than Josh!

6. On the opposite end, last Friday when I went to pick up Sophie at school, a little boy in her class yelled, "wow, you are pretty!" I wanted to take him home with me. Then i thought "poor kid must not get out much!"

7. My mother bought Soph a pair of these shoes last week. I think they are butt ugly and over priced. GiGi doesn't care what I think. Soph doesn't either.

8. I need some book recommendations to take to Puerto Rico. I need something really good! Like Hunger Games good.

9. I see that the release date for the movie is March 2012 and most of the main characters have been cast. Not digging the guy they choose to play Peeta. He has a Harry Potter look to him.

10. 18 days until vacation!!!! AHHHH!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

And just like that...

She was five.

And a member of the Hitler Youth. HA! Kidding!

She's five. She's been five for 19 days now. Sometimes I catch myself looking at her and wondering how it came to be that I have a five year old.

Sometimes I wonder how it is possible that I have only known this little person for five years. It seems as though she has always been apart of me. Maybe she has always been there I just didn't know it at the time.

Other times I think that five years is nothing. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of this girl.

She is so complex and simple at the same time. Sometimes I think that all she would ever need to survive in this world is watermelon, scooby doo, and friends to play with outside. Other times, she's like a little Da'Vinci code all to herself.

There are days that I would like to put her in a box and ship her to the most remote place on the planet.

There are nights that I make Steven go get her out of bed and put her into our bed.

I'm afraid sometimes that I won't remember what she looks like right at this moment. That I'll forget that perfectly imperfect voice.

I think about five years from now. She'll be 10. Then 15. 20. 25. Five came so fast and the next 5 and the next is just around the corner.

She doesn't understand that just because you're older doesn't mean you're taller. This upsets more than earth quakes. She's destined to be a shrimp.

I wonder sometimes why she is so defiant. So independent. So flippant. Then I look in the mirror.

I wonder sometimes why she is so reserved. So loyal. So thoughtful. Then I look at the person I married.

She's five. She's a hot mess. She's our Little Bit.