Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Learning to Fly

It's happening. All at once this avalanche of growing up is happening and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. I find myself torn between two words. The world of wanting to hold on to your littleness and the world of beaming with pride as you grow and conquer new things. This was the summer of being 5. The start of summer came and we had a few battles. Some of the worst we have ever had. We worried about you. We couldn't figure out why our sweet Little Bit had all of the sudden become so angry and would fly into fits of rage. But we worked through it and eventually settled into a nice routine.

Things seemed to fall into place as though that was the plan all along. When one door closed and Ms. Susanna, one of your pre-k teachers at school, decided to change jobs another door open and she ended up keeping you two days a week. A nice happy medium was created. You got to be a kid for days a week and sleep in and have lazy days of summer. I can't thank her enough. The other 3 days you got to go to school and see your friends and prepare for big change that awaits you at the end of summer. Kindergarten.

In between all of this, your bottom teeth started wiggling. Not a lot but enough. Enough to know that sooner, rather than later you will loose your baby teeth. Another reminder that you are growing up. Your baby smile will change into something more grown up and permanent. Until we sink about three grand in braces, that is. I told the dentist that those your teeth would just have to wait until after kindergarten starts. I can't handle my baby going to school and the Tooth Fairy's inaugural visit.

Then one hot Sunday evening we were all outside. Our neighbor's daughter was visiting and her son was out riding his bike in the road and she said to you, "Sophie, I bet you can ride your bike. All you need is grass and a slope." Armed with the world's cutest cat helmet, Daddy by your side, your friend Ashlynn running behind you, me and Mary Beth sitting on the patio watching and cheering, and Carmen and Roger telling you what to do, you took off.

And you haven't looked back.

I don't think we have ever been more proud of you. That night I walked past the pile of discarded training wheels in the garage. It hit me that you are checking things off your kid list left and right. I can understand why some people have more than one kid. They get to relive things over and over again. There's always another one to have a "first" time. With us, we get one go round. It's no wonder you think the the world revolves around you. And sometimes, I find myself thinking, why shouldn't it? Let it. For this short span of time, until you really grow up and discover that life sucks and you find yourself revolving around everyone else, maybe you should feel as though you are the most important thing on the planet. You are to us.
So in 10 days from now, when we walk you into your kindergarten classroom, lord help me. There's no going back. Everything changes from that point. Not that I think for one second that you'd turn back.

Love Mama