Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Review

1. It's March 2. Do you know what that means? That means in 14 days my girls is going to be five! Five!? I can hardly believe it! We have a St. Patrick's Day Birthday Party in the works. We are just inviting a few kids from the neighborhood over on the day of her birthday to celebrate with cake and some leprechaun games. Everyone will be making their own leprechaun trap as well so they can attempt to catch one of those pesky suckers that night.

A few days later we are loading up and heading to the Great Wolf Lodge, which is her birthday present from us. Should be fun! I don't think there is any thing more on the planet that our girl loves more than water!

2. This morning started out craptastic. Steven called me on our way to work/school this morning to say that Little Bit had been puking up a storm in the car. In his NEW truck nonetheless! This is like the 6th time girlfriend has gotten sick in the car! The last time she managed to puke into a tennis shoe. This time, not so lucky. So at 8 am we were racing around Target buying new clothes and changing in the bathroom. I kept making it a point to tell the Target employee that she had yacked all over herself. I didn't want them to see on the security camera that I was changing her clothes in the bathroom and thinking that I was attempting a kidnapping!

3. Charlie Sheen = Awesome. Crazier than a shit house rat!

4. We are less than 2 months away from our Caribbean vacation. I try not to think about it too much because I get so excited I can hardly stand it. Monday I had an appointment with my dermatologist and she laid into me about being exposed to the sun, again. Suggesting that I wear a hat at all times AND long sleeves. Grrrr. Hat, maybe. SPF 50 definitely. Long sleeves, ain't happening. I'll take my chances!

5. We've been hitting the library hard these days. Soph just goes through willy nilly filling her basket with anything and everything. I, however, have a harder time finding books to read at the library. You just kind of find yourself roaming aimlessly occasionally sliding books off the shelf for something that looks too. I tend to end up in the "Reading List" section pulling out classics. Right now I'm reading Pearl S. Buck's Imperial Woman. I LOVED The Good Earth. This one looking like a contender. Talk about a conniver! Also in my basket, In Cold Blood, andThe Last Samurai.

6. A few weekends ago Sophie and I head to PA to visit wit Grammy and PapPap. On the way we detoured and made a stop at WVU's downtown campus. Sophie has been asking to see "college." So we stopped, walked around, and entered buildings. She loved every minute of it. Her favorite part was stopping at my sorority house to see my old room. However, my old room looked at those a nuclear bomb had been set off in the middle of it. Little Bit had no qualms telling the little girls giving us the tour that "college girls were the messiest people on the planet as their room was a 'a'sastor." She also pointed out that they had left their dirty undies and socks on the floor which is something that you should REALLY not do b/c it is disgusting! HA! I can attest to the fact that when I lived there my room was NEVER that bad. And by saying that I became my mother.

7. In our in the heat of tax season and it stinks. Steven isn't getting home until after 8 every day and working full days on Saturday and Sunday.

8. We watched Pippi Longstocking the other night. I LOVED that movie when i was little. Soph really liked it too.

9. We hit Disney on Ice Princess Wishes last Saturday. Our neighbors gave us tickets and we had awesome seats. Thanks Marybeth and Mike! It was a great show. Sophie loved it. The boys, just kind of sat there with this look on their face like, "fo real, princesses!?"

10. And the next day, Steven and I got all dressed up with Marybeth and Mike and headed to the Children's Therapy Clinic annual fundraiser. It was set up like an Oscar Party and they showed the Oscars on giant screens. So fun! And if I do say so myself, we looked pretty darn good!