Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Randomness

1. Random conversation with the hubster:

Me: I took Louie on a walk up the hill today. I don't know, the more see him around the neighbor's dogs, the more and more I think he looks like a pitbull.
Steven: Maybe, he's a mix. We'll really never know.
Me: Maybe it's because he's black that I'm thinking he looks like a pit.
Steven: I think you just racial profiled our dog.

And is that dog bed not a hoot?! Sophie and a friend lugged it home from a neighbor's house (thank you Tammy ;). Obviously, it was purchased for a toy poodle and not a big dog. Louie fit in it for approximately 2 days. It's now a cat bed/baby doll bed.

2. Random text with a friend regarding Sophie and Steven getting baptized on Easter:

Me: So Sophie is definitely going to need god parents to stand up.
Friend: No problem! And hubby says he'll be Steven's godfather. And he can refer to him as "The Don." Really, it's an offer he can't refuse.

3. Random text with a neighbor regarding Louie:
Neighbor: you know, ever since you got a dog, we text about poop a lot.
Me: I know, sad isn't it.

4. Random phone conversation with my mom:
Mom: Just so you know, I am NEVER going to your house again during the day and doing you a favor if you don't have toilet paper in the bathroom.
Me: Sorry. We know to look first, then do your business.
Mom: You are getting a giant economy sized thing of TP for your birthday. Just like you got for Christmas!

5. . Random note found in our house:

Truer words have never been spoken! Inspiration for this board came from here. The giant piece of notebook paper was found at the parent/teacher store. The frame is an 11x14 from Michaels.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Someone Got Her Ears Pierced

Sunday was a big day. After Grammy and PapPap headed back to PA we loaded up the 200 pounds of dog food to drop it off at Little Victories. The same no kill shelter that Louie came from. They greatly appreciated all of the donations. Anywho, on the way there, Little Bit announced that now that she was 6, she was ready to get her ears pierced. Now this is not the first time she's said that she was ready to get her ears pierced. Two or three Christmases ago she asked Aunt Amy to take her to get her ears pierced. Off we went to the mall. They put the earrings in the guns and she chickened out. However, that still cost $40 thank you very much b/c the earrings had been open.

The next time she was 5 and she woke up one morning and asked her daddy to take her to the mall. She was all set to go until she watched a 16 year old boy get his ear pierced and he made a face that said basically said, "OUCH!" At that point, Little Bit announced that she would wait until she was either 6 or 7. But last week, a friend came bopping across the street showing off her newly pierced ears. I think it lit a fire and created a fierce determination. So this time, she swore that she was ready. All three of us looked on the rough side and really shouldn't have been seen in public. But off we went.

She climbed right up in the chair.

She held still when the lady marked her ears.

She asked me to stand in front of her and hold her hands while it all went down. And without even really flinching....

her ears were pierced!

And she was so happy! Thrilled actually. And for some reason, I was sad. Even though I'm the one who had asked her on multiple occasions if she wanted to get her ears pierced, when it actually came down to it, part of me wanted to grab her and run out of there. I wanted to keep her perfectly cute ears holeless for a little while longer. But there is no changing her mind when she has it set on something. And girlfriend wasn't leaving that mall without pierced ears.

She looks so stinking cute. We had to call everyone on the way back home to tell them the news. Especially Aunt Amy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


You didn't think that she just got dog food for her birthday did you?

Now she has the second coolest bike in the neighborhood. We rock. Both courtesy of the Gi and Papa.

Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Years

Dear Sophie,

You turned six on Friday. I can't really make my mind wrap around that fact. But six you turned, six you are, and six you will be for a whole year. We started celebrating your birthday on Friday morning. We loaded your room up with balloons while you slept so that you could wake up knowing that it was "your day." And girlfriend, we didn't stop celebrating until Sunday. Once the the weekend was over, I looked at daddy and just smiled. We both smiled. This was the most memorable, most awesome birthday ever. Celebrating six was something special. I can think back over all of your birthday and remember something special about each one. But thus far, six as taken the cake. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it will go down in my history of you one of my all time favorites.

We celebrated you quietly with GiGi and Papa on Friday evening with dinner at your favorite restaurant. No one loves an asian hibachi quite like you. On Saturday, Grammy and PapPap drove down with your cousin Tyler to join in the celebration.

And Saturday evening we had one blow out of a party at the YMCA pool. So many people came to celebrate you! A sea of kids splashing and laughing and there because of you.

And as each kid came to your party lugging bags of dog food, cat food, dog/cat toys, treats, cleaning supplies instead of gifts for you my heart grew about 10 sizes. 200 pounds of food all together. 25 bags and boxes of treats. 15 toys and tons of cleaning supplies. Only a few simple gift from friends.

There is something about you that is so over the top special. Maybe it's that you are over the top. I mean, who else starts their own Birthday Song at their party by yelling, "one, two, three, HAPPY....!?" All weekend we told you how proud we were of you and how awesome it is for a six year old to collect so many items for homeless dogs and cats. You kind of just shrugged your shoulders. It wasn't a big deal to you. But my love it was a big deal. Just another way you showed how over the top special you are to us.

Love Mama

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It was 10 kinds of crazy up in kindergarten today. So Little Bit is "star of the week" and I wanted to do something different. I suck at crafts. I can usually recreate something that I have seen someone else make and make it look someone decent. But I fully admit that I would have no patience or tolerance to craft with 23 kindergarten kids. No desire what so ever. Plus, I know what I do with 90% of the crafts that Soph brings home. When she's not looking, right into the trash they go. So I wanted to create an experience. Something that would make kids talk. Ta-da, enter the magician. Because really, who doesn't love a magician?! Just ask Roy Horn, they taste great :-) The kids loved it. Like crazy loved it. They were literally jumping out of their seats to "assist." Being that she's the star of the week, the Soph got to be the "special" assistant and help out a little more than the others. To say she was on cloud nine is an understatement.

Waiting for the big show!

Presenting the amazing Joey Stepp and his lovely assistant.

This trick made it sound as if quarters were pouring out of your ears. And kids could "toss" change in from across the room and it sounded as though quarters landed in the bucket. Crowd fav.

The ole straight rope trick.

What's a magician without a rabbit?

And look, he turned Mrs. Jett into this guy!? Ha! Actually, this guy just cracks me up because it was the class sub for the day. Mr. Bush has been around the block a few times! The aide mentioned that he was her old junior high science teacher. And the aide is in her 60s! I wonder if he was tired this evening?

Thanks again Joey! And to anyone looking for fun entertainment, I HIGHLY recommend him. Everyone, young (and old, see above) had a smile on their faces!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

Do those not look narsty? Last Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday so Soph's school celebrated Dr. Seuss week. Being the over achiever that I am, I woke up on Friday morning and made green eggs and ham for breakfast. Unfortunately, the green food coloring kind of poured right out of the bottle so the eggs were this ultra green color. Gag. Soph ate them right up and asked for seconds. Steven kind of choked them down. He has learned not to make any comments in the food department around here! But even I admit that green eggs are kind of hard to swallow.

We are now into Day 11 with our new four legged pal, Louie. I would say that things are going beautifully. However, they are not. The two of us are having some major issues in the potty training department. Despite the fact that we are lucky and blessed to have a team of people helping us with this dog throughout the day, he still feels the need to poop in his crate! And cover himself in it. And.I.Am.Doing.Everything.Right. Actually, one could even make the argument that he is even being let out too much. Anyway, regardless, he's pooping in between let outs and I'm coming home to a hot, stinking, dog shit mess. And mama is not happy. And when mama ain't happy, you know what that means. And it's tax season, so no one is really happy around here. So you might as well take some gasoline and douse it right on the explosive inferno that is the Carr house. I do, however, have the cleanest dog around seeing as he gets a bath almost EVERY DAY. On the other hand, at this rate, he isn't going to have any fur left because of all of the baths. Other than that major flaw of his, we love him. And for now, we'll keep him.

Miss thing has a birthday coming up on Friday. She's star of the week at school this week. She's been waiting all year for this week and it's finally here. Tomorrow, I have a magician coming to her class. Yes, a magician. Why? B/c it's over the top, and absurd, and money that I'm throwing away because I'm irked about this whole "star of the week" thing anyway. Although my daughter may be walking on sunshine, it's nothing but a pain in my arse. Sorry, but sometimes, schools want a little too much parent involvement.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

At least we hope!

I can't BELIEVE we are going down this road again! Seriously, I question my sanity. But then you look at this little face and you just melt and you find your self taking a dog outside in the snow every hour on the hour.

His name is Louie. He's a West Virginia mutt who we rescued from Little Victories. He is suppose to be a boxer/lab mix. But ya just never know! And there is a certain little girl who is over the moon happy. Although, he's an early birthday present, I have a feeling that in two weeks she'll "forget" that he's a present and mom and dad are still on the hook for a few gifts!

He seems to be a hit with everyone :)