Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

Do those not look narsty? Last Friday was Dr. Seuss' birthday so Soph's school celebrated Dr. Seuss week. Being the over achiever that I am, I woke up on Friday morning and made green eggs and ham for breakfast. Unfortunately, the green food coloring kind of poured right out of the bottle so the eggs were this ultra green color. Gag. Soph ate them right up and asked for seconds. Steven kind of choked them down. He has learned not to make any comments in the food department around here! But even I admit that green eggs are kind of hard to swallow.

We are now into Day 11 with our new four legged pal, Louie. I would say that things are going beautifully. However, they are not. The two of us are having some major issues in the potty training department. Despite the fact that we are lucky and blessed to have a team of people helping us with this dog throughout the day, he still feels the need to poop in his crate! And cover himself in it. And.I.Am.Doing.Everything.Right. Actually, one could even make the argument that he is even being let out too much. Anyway, regardless, he's pooping in between let outs and I'm coming home to a hot, stinking, dog shit mess. And mama is not happy. And when mama ain't happy, you know what that means. And it's tax season, so no one is really happy around here. So you might as well take some gasoline and douse it right on the explosive inferno that is the Carr house. I do, however, have the cleanest dog around seeing as he gets a bath almost EVERY DAY. On the other hand, at this rate, he isn't going to have any fur left because of all of the baths. Other than that major flaw of his, we love him. And for now, we'll keep him.

Miss thing has a birthday coming up on Friday. She's star of the week at school this week. She's been waiting all year for this week and it's finally here. Tomorrow, I have a magician coming to her class. Yes, a magician. Why? B/c it's over the top, and absurd, and money that I'm throwing away because I'm irked about this whole "star of the week" thing anyway. Although my daughter may be walking on sunshine, it's nothing but a pain in my arse. Sorry, but sometimes, schools want a little too much parent involvement.

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