Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Someone Got Her Ears Pierced

Sunday was a big day. After Grammy and PapPap headed back to PA we loaded up the 200 pounds of dog food to drop it off at Little Victories. The same no kill shelter that Louie came from. They greatly appreciated all of the donations. Anywho, on the way there, Little Bit announced that now that she was 6, she was ready to get her ears pierced. Now this is not the first time she's said that she was ready to get her ears pierced. Two or three Christmases ago she asked Aunt Amy to take her to get her ears pierced. Off we went to the mall. They put the earrings in the guns and she chickened out. However, that still cost $40 thank you very much b/c the earrings had been open.

The next time she was 5 and she woke up one morning and asked her daddy to take her to the mall. She was all set to go until she watched a 16 year old boy get his ear pierced and he made a face that said basically said, "OUCH!" At that point, Little Bit announced that she would wait until she was either 6 or 7. But last week, a friend came bopping across the street showing off her newly pierced ears. I think it lit a fire and created a fierce determination. So this time, she swore that she was ready. All three of us looked on the rough side and really shouldn't have been seen in public. But off we went.

She climbed right up in the chair.

She held still when the lady marked her ears.

She asked me to stand in front of her and hold her hands while it all went down. And without even really flinching....

her ears were pierced!

And she was so happy! Thrilled actually. And for some reason, I was sad. Even though I'm the one who had asked her on multiple occasions if she wanted to get her ears pierced, when it actually came down to it, part of me wanted to grab her and run out of there. I wanted to keep her perfectly cute ears holeless for a little while longer. But there is no changing her mind when she has it set on something. And girlfriend wasn't leaving that mall without pierced ears.

She looks so stinking cute. We had to call everyone on the way back home to tell them the news. Especially Aunt Amy.

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Anonymous said...

Whose cat is that? I've never seen it. That is the same place Ash got her ears pierced and she didn't get to hold a kitty!