Sunday, March 4, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

At least we hope!

I can't BELIEVE we are going down this road again! Seriously, I question my sanity. But then you look at this little face and you just melt and you find your self taking a dog outside in the snow every hour on the hour.

His name is Louie. He's a West Virginia mutt who we rescued from Little Victories. He is suppose to be a boxer/lab mix. But ya just never know! And there is a certain little girl who is over the moon happy. Although, he's an early birthday present, I have a feeling that in two weeks she'll "forget" that he's a present and mom and dad are still on the hook for a few gifts!

He seems to be a hit with everyone :)


Frootie! said...

Oh my goodness look at that one white paw! He's adorable!

Paula said...

Very cute and very happy to hear he is a rescue