Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It was 10 kinds of crazy up in kindergarten today. So Little Bit is "star of the week" and I wanted to do something different. I suck at crafts. I can usually recreate something that I have seen someone else make and make it look someone decent. But I fully admit that I would have no patience or tolerance to craft with 23 kindergarten kids. No desire what so ever. Plus, I know what I do with 90% of the crafts that Soph brings home. When she's not looking, right into the trash they go. So I wanted to create an experience. Something that would make kids talk. Ta-da, enter the magician. Because really, who doesn't love a magician?! Just ask Roy Horn, they taste great :-) The kids loved it. Like crazy loved it. They were literally jumping out of their seats to "assist." Being that she's the star of the week, the Soph got to be the "special" assistant and help out a little more than the others. To say she was on cloud nine is an understatement.

Waiting for the big show!

Presenting the amazing Joey Stepp and his lovely assistant.

This trick made it sound as if quarters were pouring out of your ears. And kids could "toss" change in from across the room and it sounded as though quarters landed in the bucket. Crowd fav.

The ole straight rope trick.

What's a magician without a rabbit?

And look, he turned Mrs. Jett into this guy!? Ha! Actually, this guy just cracks me up because it was the class sub for the day. Mr. Bush has been around the block a few times! The aide mentioned that he was her old junior high science teacher. And the aide is in her 60s! I wonder if he was tired this evening?

Thanks again Joey! And to anyone looking for fun entertainment, I HIGHLY recommend him. Everyone, young (and old, see above) had a smile on their faces!

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