Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shit Eating Grin

And I mean that in THE most literal sense possible. I came home today to find that Oscar the Boxer had decided to dine at the All You Can Eat Kitty Litter Buffet. 

Oscar:  "My compliments to the chef!"

A half a bottle of Listerine poured in his mouth and some major clean up with Clorox later, the indoor shocking unit now resides on top of the liter box. So now if he comes with in 2 feet of it he's going to get a "shocking" surprise. 

And this folks is what my life has become. I'm living with a creature who likes to lick his own butt and feast on cat turds. Yum-o. 

Monday, April 27, 2009


... on Saturday we went on a little hike with Grammy and PapPap to see this lovely waterfall, which for some reason is called "Cucumber Falls."

And when we reached the bottom, I decided to make Sophie B. sit on a rock so I could snap a picture of my dear sweet girl with a waterfall in the background. Instead of my sweet 3 year old, i got this: 

Rotten to the core. And I love every bit of her. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddies and Their Babies

Well at least Uncle Brian with his baby and Steven with his only baby. I just thought this was the cutest! Oh how these Carr boys love their kiddos. They both crack me up though because they are ALL about safety. I think if they had their way, Sophie and Zachary would have been wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap. Uncle Brian even brought down and extra helmet because apparently Steven had called him and told him that we had left ours at home. And you wanna know what's ironic? Well aside from the fact that these two (Brian and Steven) probably never wore knee pads or helmets growing up, and had more injuries than you can count, Sophie STILL managed to get a scrapped knee and elbow just minutes after I snapped these pics. Not from skating, but from running full speed down an asphalt road. 

And on their own. 


And right after this picture, Sophie fell, ripped off her skates and said, "I'm never skating again for the rest of my life." High drama around here. High drama. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1. I just don't have a lot to blog about these days. So as a result, this here blog is turning pretty lame-o. Couple that with the fact that I hardly ever drag my camera out and it's just dull dull dull.

2. I think we are heading up to PA this weekend! We haven't been up there since JANUARY! How sad is that. My camera is however, itching to see Sami and Madi! 

3. I've never been good at fixing hair. God knows that my own looks like poo 99% of the time or is in a pony tail.  And me being good at fixing someone else's hair is laughable! My daughter has now decided to ban me from fixing her hair. Instead, she wants her teacher Laura to fix her hair every day. Laura can french braid, mama can not.

4. On Saturday I went to a Le Cook store with 6 girlfriends and we had a pizza dough class. It was so much fun. Afterwards we had leftovers and one of the girls suggested that I offer them to my neighbors across the street, bwhahahaha! I think we might all go back for a Chinese class!

5.  I found out today that one of my really good friends from high school is going to be having a little girl in October. I'm so hoping that she has red hair, just like her mama!

6. Little Bit has decided this week that Cool Ranch Dortios are the breakfast of champions. It's so crazy running around here in the morning that I don't even care. At all.

7. We are going away over Memorial day weekend for a little family mini-vaca. We are heading back up to Snowshoe. Steven thinks that place is the greatest most relaxing place on earth and after the stress of tax season that's what he wants. 

8. I've been obsessed with the blog Chickens in the Road. If you haven't heard of it, she's a romance author who decided to move to BFE West Virginia after her divorce and decided to start a farm. This woman has got me wanting to baking my own bread. 

9. I put this on Facebook but I thought i'd post it here too. You've gotta read the book The Hunger Games if you are looking for a book to read. Stephenie Meyer recommended it her website and said that she couldn't put it down. I found myself in the same boat! It's classified as "young adult" too but so so good! 

10. Is it messed up that last year on Steven's birthday I got a new computer and this year on my birthday he got a new set of golf clubs? We just aren't big into gift giving so that's just the way we roll.  

And here's another one of Miss Rotten in her Easter get-up. Don't you love the hot pink mary-janes! Thank you Andrea! 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

37 Months

Dear Sophia

I'd like to start this letter with a replay of a conversation we had in the car about an hour ago.

Sophie: Mommy will you tell Daddy to shut his mouth.

Daddy: SOPHIA, you do NOT tell daddy to shut his mouth, that is NOT nice.

Sophie: But daddy, I didn't tell you to shut your mouth, I told mommy to tell you for me.

I can pretty much stop right there. Because that little exchange sums up what it's like living with you these days.  Smart as a whip and bold as lightening. And I know that it's horrible that you know the phrase "shut your mouth" but oh how your quick wit and logic thrills me to no end. You are without a doubt 

The past month has been beyond difficult. I couldn't count the nights you went to bed without getting to tell your daddy goodnight. Or the mornings you woke up without getting to tell him good morning. It's been hard because you are such a daddy's girl. But come Thursday morning you were walking on sunshine. "Tax season is OVER," you'd yell at the top of your lungs.

We took you to breakfast Thursday morning to celebrate then daddy took you on to school. And that's where the wheels started falling off the wagon. As soon as he pulled into the parking lot you started. "My belly hurts, I don't want to go to school today." When he walked you into your room and turned to walk away you lost it. Went completely boneless and forgot to even breath. I guess in your 3 year old mind, tax season being over meant that daddy didn't have to work anymore, period. 

But Thursday evening he treated you to a special trip to Build-A-Bear, where you made a Snow White Bear that you named Ariel to match your Snow White princess dress so you were back to walking on sunshine. 

You've become such a big kid overnight. It pains your daddy when you call him "dad." You also call me "Ma" and GiGi "G."  And Reggie. Poor sweet Reggie. The newness of him has yet to wear off. I thought for sure that within a month he'd be nothing but an annoying spec intruding on your space. But he's still being loved "to death" with your tight embraces. And you've got the claw marks to prove it. You remind me that he needs fresh water and when his food dish is empty. You truly care for that cat. Actually, you seem to genuinely care about any animal that you come into contact with. 

So happy 37 months Little Bit. It's been a looooong hard month for both of us. But we made it through and look we're still speaking to one another. So see, I'm calling it now, there's hope for your teenage years.

Love, with all my heart, 


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egg "Grab"

So 25 years ago we had egg "hunts." And these hunts either went down at church on in my grandma's front yard with all of my cousins. We'd make our aunts and uncles hid eggs until they were cracked and bashed to pulps. And those suckers would be HARD to find. I don't know what happened in the last 25  years but the egg "hunt" has disappeared and been replaced with the egg "grab." Hundreds and hundreds of eggs strewn across lawns. There's nothing hidden. And sadly, it's over in .3 seconds. Now don't get me wrong, Sophie had a blast grabbing eggs. But it just saddens me that it's over in the blink of an eye. 

A lady I work with was telling me that her church assigns each kid a number and so many eggs have that corresponding number. So you have to go around looking for your numbered eggs. So how did your egg hunts go down?

Sophie and Jordan admiring their "scented" bunnies. Can't say I've ever seen a "scented" stuffed animal, but the thing smells pretty darn good!

We ran into a little boy in her class too. He clearly had more eggs than Little Bit, that's why she's peeking into his basket.  Doesn't he look a foot taller than Sophie. And girlfriend is about 6 months older!

Ok, so a few eggs were "hidden" in the bushes. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hot Mess

She's 3 and she's a hot mess. 

Many nights over the past few months she's went to bed before her daddy has gotten home from work.
And many mornings she's woken up and he's already left for work.
She has more scratches on her arms than should be legally allowed.
She told her daddy the other day, "Yous got fur on your legs." "I don't have fur on my legs."
She likes to pretend she's a dog and lap up dirty bath water.
She likes to make up songs.
She has started calling Oscar the Boxer, "Oz."
She's started calling the cat "Baby Boy."
On Thursday she gets her daddy back. 
She's our hot mess and we wouldn't have her any other way.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We went to an egg hunt yesterday and Sophie B. followed the Easter Bunny around as though it was her job. I even apologized to Mr. Bunny for my kid being a little "obsessed" with him. I think he probably hugged her 15 times. I love that she isn't afraid of characters in costume. I'm sure I would have ran in the opposite direction when I was her age. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ten On the 1st Tuesday of April

1. This girl:
is all about the Easter Bunny. Saturday morning I asked her if she wanted to go meet him and I thought she was going to pee her pants. So off to the mall we headed, where we ran into Emma & Ethan waiting in line for Mr. E.B. too. Girlfriend ran right up to him, gave him a high five and a giant hug. I'll try to post the pic soon. 

2. Reggie and Oscar are starting to become friends. Kitty is getting braver and braver and has taken quite a few swats at Oscar the Boxer. The sleeping arrangements, however, has GOT to change. We get woken up every night with a cat pouncing on our heads.

3. If I ever had a little boy, I'd want him to look like this:

But I'd settle for him being my son-in-law. 

4. Until he did this: 

I love the look on his sister's face. Aren't their coordinating outfits too stinkin' cute! 

5. So friends don't let friends get fat. My friend Jenny hooked me up with a treadmill and I've been hitting that sucker like there ain't no tomorrow. Except for the past couple of days because I've been sick. Ok, Steven, sick. So lay off the sarcastic Flo Jo comments. 

6.  And speaking of exercise, I'm doing yoga 2 days a week at lunch. The YWMCA is across the street from my office and there was a yoga class starting, 16 classes for around $2.50 a class! Can't beat it!

7. How cute is Miss. Jordan in her Easter dress. On Sunday we did a mini photo shoot in the coolest field of daffodils. I only wish we would have waited until later in the day because the sun was out in full force. 

8. Sophie and I visited Pappaw Rocky on the farm this weekend. He's recovering from rotator cuff surgery. And he recently finished turning a nook in his house into a bar, and it is off da hook. 100% cowboy bar. All it needs is saw dust on the floor. 

9. Word on the street is that one of Steven's siblings, who shall remain nameless, had to relent to the powerful draw of the mini van. That makes 2 out of 3 Carr children rolling around in one of those puppies. But I'm gonna gonna throw any stones. I think his mom put a powerful "twins" curse on all three of her children! 

10. Less than 10 days left of tax season. YIPPIE!!! You should see the list of stuff I want done around here that's been put off until "after tax season." 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cause I had a bad day...

Lets see. I'm completely 100% over tax season and would like my husband  back.
I woke up feeling like poop today but went to work anyway only to get there and decide that it wasn't worth it. 
So I left an hour an 1/2 later and picked up Sophie who has been running a low grade fever and coughing all week. Probably shouldn't have sent her to school in the first place.
I go to my mom's because the thought of coming home and dealing with Oscar the Boxer and Reggie all day sounded horrible.
My mom comes home from work and blocks me in so I take her car home because Sophie wanted to stay and hang with GiGi some. 
An hour later my mom pulls into my garage and my car sounds like it is going to blow and it won't idle, just keeps shutting off.
My neighbor (cool neighbor) jiggled something and it seems to be working at the moment. But still, i'm going to have to get that figured out. 
Oscar got through the electric fence. 
And Lost sucked last night because it was a Kate episode and I hate her guts. 

So catching Reggie in Sophie's book case makes me laugh.  

And Sophie with her first over night visitor, Zachary, makes me laugh. They laid happily beside one another until Sophie farted and Zachary yelled that he didn't want to be near her because, "she stinks." Can't say I blame him! 

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day!