Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1. I just don't have a lot to blog about these days. So as a result, this here blog is turning pretty lame-o. Couple that with the fact that I hardly ever drag my camera out and it's just dull dull dull.

2. I think we are heading up to PA this weekend! We haven't been up there since JANUARY! How sad is that. My camera is however, itching to see Sami and Madi! 

3. I've never been good at fixing hair. God knows that my own looks like poo 99% of the time or is in a pony tail.  And me being good at fixing someone else's hair is laughable! My daughter has now decided to ban me from fixing her hair. Instead, she wants her teacher Laura to fix her hair every day. Laura can french braid, mama can not.

4. On Saturday I went to a Le Cook store with 6 girlfriends and we had a pizza dough class. It was so much fun. Afterwards we had leftovers and one of the girls suggested that I offer them to my neighbors across the street, bwhahahaha! I think we might all go back for a Chinese class!

5.  I found out today that one of my really good friends from high school is going to be having a little girl in October. I'm so hoping that she has red hair, just like her mama!

6. Little Bit has decided this week that Cool Ranch Dortios are the breakfast of champions. It's so crazy running around here in the morning that I don't even care. At all.

7. We are going away over Memorial day weekend for a little family mini-vaca. We are heading back up to Snowshoe. Steven thinks that place is the greatest most relaxing place on earth and after the stress of tax season that's what he wants. 

8. I've been obsessed with the blog Chickens in the Road. If you haven't heard of it, she's a romance author who decided to move to BFE West Virginia after her divorce and decided to start a farm. This woman has got me wanting to baking my own bread. 

9. I put this on Facebook but I thought i'd post it here too. You've gotta read the book The Hunger Games if you are looking for a book to read. Stephenie Meyer recommended it her website and said that she couldn't put it down. I found myself in the same boat! It's classified as "young adult" too but so so good! 

10. Is it messed up that last year on Steven's birthday I got a new computer and this year on my birthday he got a new set of golf clubs? We just aren't big into gift giving so that's just the way we roll.  

And here's another one of Miss Rotten in her Easter get-up. Don't you love the hot pink mary-janes! Thank you Andrea! 


Anonymous said...

your blogs are never boring! love the shoes!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I love those shoes and would like a pair myself! I agree with you on #7--I don't care in the morning so long as he eats something. And can you believe that I've never been to Snowshoe and I'm a WV native? It sounds awesome and much deserved by you and your whole family for having weathered another tax season!

Paula said...

The blog is never boring...it is nice to know that other folks live normal lives..

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Come to my house and I'll teach you how to french braid. :) Although it's really REALLY hard to do on kid hair- too fine.

My kids eat pancakes or waffles every single morning. So I'm guessing Sophia's breakfast is probably healthier than the sugar laden carb mess that we serve.