Monday, April 6, 2009

Ten On the 1st Tuesday of April

1. This girl:
is all about the Easter Bunny. Saturday morning I asked her if she wanted to go meet him and I thought she was going to pee her pants. So off to the mall we headed, where we ran into Emma & Ethan waiting in line for Mr. E.B. too. Girlfriend ran right up to him, gave him a high five and a giant hug. I'll try to post the pic soon. 

2. Reggie and Oscar are starting to become friends. Kitty is getting braver and braver and has taken quite a few swats at Oscar the Boxer. The sleeping arrangements, however, has GOT to change. We get woken up every night with a cat pouncing on our heads.

3. If I ever had a little boy, I'd want him to look like this:

But I'd settle for him being my son-in-law. 

4. Until he did this: 

I love the look on his sister's face. Aren't their coordinating outfits too stinkin' cute! 

5. So friends don't let friends get fat. My friend Jenny hooked me up with a treadmill and I've been hitting that sucker like there ain't no tomorrow. Except for the past couple of days because I've been sick. Ok, Steven, sick. So lay off the sarcastic Flo Jo comments. 

6.  And speaking of exercise, I'm doing yoga 2 days a week at lunch. The YWMCA is across the street from my office and there was a yoga class starting, 16 classes for around $2.50 a class! Can't beat it!

7. How cute is Miss. Jordan in her Easter dress. On Sunday we did a mini photo shoot in the coolest field of daffodils. I only wish we would have waited until later in the day because the sun was out in full force. 

8. Sophie and I visited Pappaw Rocky on the farm this weekend. He's recovering from rotator cuff surgery. And he recently finished turning a nook in his house into a bar, and it is off da hook. 100% cowboy bar. All it needs is saw dust on the floor. 

9. Word on the street is that one of Steven's siblings, who shall remain nameless, had to relent to the powerful draw of the mini van. That makes 2 out of 3 Carr children rolling around in one of those puppies. But I'm gonna gonna throw any stones. I think his mom put a powerful "twins" curse on all three of her children! 

10. Less than 10 days left of tax season. YIPPIE!!! You should see the list of stuff I want done around here that's been put off until "after tax season." 


Neurotic Atty said...

Such great pictures, and I just saw the other set you took of the Twinkies! Great job!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

You did a great job on the Twinks pictures!

Go you on the exercise! I love some Y!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The mini-van does scream out "mother of three" but I have to admit it is very easy loading all 3 kiddos up in! Just think-if you all try again, we may end up with 3 for 3 twins!

Anonymous said...

I am feeling you on the tax season stress sister! It's like everythign STOPS until April 15th! Can't wait!

CBRESQ said...

The pictures are great - it looks like you all are having better weather than us. Enjoy your Easter. I will need that treadmill about November.

Anonymous said...

all the pics are really cute. you gotta admit that the EB is one pretty cool guy, I mean, think about all the candy he brings

Katie said...

Thanks again for taking Jordan's pictures, especially since she would only semi-cooperate! Do you and Andrea have Sophie and Ethan's first date set yet?

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Katie, they already had their first date to Disney on Ice, unfortunately they didn't seem too interested in each other. I think Ethan is more into Sophia's mama. Sophia's mom has got it going on!

Thanks again for the AWESOME pics kim. I'm going to blog them soon...

Janice said...

I do have to say, Ethan and Emma are the cutest twins I've seen. I love their outfits. Great job on the pics!

And yoga for $2.50/ class is AWESOME!!!!

Paula said...

The pictures are great