Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddies and Their Babies

Well at least Uncle Brian with his baby and Steven with his only baby. I just thought this was the cutest! Oh how these Carr boys love their kiddos. They both crack me up though because they are ALL about safety. I think if they had their way, Sophie and Zachary would have been wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap. Uncle Brian even brought down and extra helmet because apparently Steven had called him and told him that we had left ours at home. And you wanna know what's ironic? Well aside from the fact that these two (Brian and Steven) probably never wore knee pads or helmets growing up, and had more injuries than you can count, Sophie STILL managed to get a scrapped knee and elbow just minutes after I snapped these pics. Not from skating, but from running full speed down an asphalt road. 

And on their own. 


And right after this picture, Sophie fell, ripped off her skates and said, "I'm never skating again for the rest of my life." High drama around here. High drama. 


Katie said...

How did the skates work on the grass? It is amazing how running full speed on asphalt can lead to injuries no matter how many times you tell them to be careful or slow down. I love seeing Sophie and her cousin holding hands skating together- so cute.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Jonathan is still not crazy about his skates and I think it's because I make him wear a helmet. I've not enforced the knee and elbow pad rule, even though we have them.

Love the pictures of Sophie and her Daddy--father/daughter pictures are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

love all the pics. no doubt about it that Sophie B loves her daddy. that last comment sounded like something you would have said at that age.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

My god! Why don't you just wrap them in bubble wrap and sit them in a corner?!