Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 on Tuesday

On a riz-ol! Two days in a row baby!

1. Now that I got the sappy 5 year old stuff out of the way, it's on to the lighter stuff! Turning 5 does call for a celebration. This year we skipped having a big birthday party and had a small party at our house with kids from the neighborhood. This party had a St. Paddy's Day theme!

The cake was sooooo cute. And Yummy!!

And Leprechaun traps were made by all.

They next morning we "almost" caught one. All that was left in the trap was his hat. Which fits perfectly on Reggie Bush


2. The following saturday we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge. Loved the water park. HATED the fact that the check in process sucks a big one. When you are paying big bucks for a room and check in time is at 4 and check out time is at 11 am, you had better bet your arse that I expect to be in that room no later than 4 o'clock. So when 5:30 rolled around and our room was finally ready, I in ticked off mode. Unacceptable. And the excuse of "we are just really busy right now." Again, unacceptable. They are called reservations. You know how many people you have in your resort at any given time. So 4 paws down to the Great Wolf Lodge. But 4 paws up for the water park park. I'm not kidding, i don't have one single picture from our trip. Too wet to deal with dragging a camera around.

3. Since kindergarten is right around the corner, I decided to have Sophie tested again to see whether or not she was still allergic to peanuts. After all we haven't had a peanut related incident in over 4 years. I took her to the doctor that day and was told that we would have to get a blood test. Wouldn't you know it, before i could even get that blood test, girlfriend got a hold of one peanut m&m and it was all over. Projectile vomit. Guess that answers that question! But I went ahead and got the blood test. Which was a barrel of fun! Surprise, positive, now give us $40 for telling you the obvious. Looks like she'll be class with all other allergy kids. And she will always have to sit at a table with the hot lunch kids even if she brings her lunch. I'm not so keen on that policy. I'm guessing Little Bit won't be either. I have a feeling that she'll end up telling them what she thinks of that policy.

4. Steven took our child to school today with out any shoes. Isn't that awesome!? Seesh. I guess i should give him a break. He is working 12+ hours a day and is a little tired and stressed. So there she sat for over an hour in her socks. Thank you Stephanie for bringing an extra pair of shoes!

5. I miss my big girls gymnastics class :( which also makes me miss having gay men in my life :(. Which makes me miss my friend Josh. :( No one could tell you that you looked like sh*t better than Josh!

6. On the opposite end, last Friday when I went to pick up Sophie at school, a little boy in her class yelled, "wow, you are pretty!" I wanted to take him home with me. Then i thought "poor kid must not get out much!"

7. My mother bought Soph a pair of these shoes last week. I think they are butt ugly and over priced. GiGi doesn't care what I think. Soph doesn't either.

8. I need some book recommendations to take to Puerto Rico. I need something really good! Like Hunger Games good.

9. I see that the release date for the movie is March 2012 and most of the main characters have been cast. Not digging the guy they choose to play Peeta. He has a Harry Potter look to him.

10. 18 days until vacation!!!! AHHHH!!!

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Jonathan's Mommy said...

OK, I secretly want those shoes. For me. Sad, huh?

Wasn't Great Wolf Lodge awesome? I am dying to go back! That stinks about the check in process--when we went, we got there early and they actually let us check in early--I was shocked!