Monday, April 4, 2011

And just like that...

She was five.

And a member of the Hitler Youth. HA! Kidding!

She's five. She's been five for 19 days now. Sometimes I catch myself looking at her and wondering how it came to be that I have a five year old.

Sometimes I wonder how it is possible that I have only known this little person for five years. It seems as though she has always been apart of me. Maybe she has always been there I just didn't know it at the time.

Other times I think that five years is nothing. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of this girl.

She is so complex and simple at the same time. Sometimes I think that all she would ever need to survive in this world is watermelon, scooby doo, and friends to play with outside. Other times, she's like a little Da'Vinci code all to herself.

There are days that I would like to put her in a box and ship her to the most remote place on the planet.

There are nights that I make Steven go get her out of bed and put her into our bed.

I'm afraid sometimes that I won't remember what she looks like right at this moment. That I'll forget that perfectly imperfect voice.

I think about five years from now. She'll be 10. Then 15. 20. 25. Five came so fast and the next 5 and the next is just around the corner.

She doesn't understand that just because you're older doesn't mean you're taller. This upsets more than earth quakes. She's destined to be a shrimp.

I wonder sometimes why she is so defiant. So independent. So flippant. Then I look in the mirror.

I wonder sometimes why she is so reserved. So loyal. So thoughtful. Then I look at the person I married.

She's five. She's a hot mess. She's our Little Bit.


Tammy said...

I'm so glad you share your comments about Sophia! It always brings a smile to my face and yes she is very independent! I so enjoyed her visits while I was home. I'll be back right after Easter for a few months. See you then! Oh, I now know she is allergic to peanuts!

Anonymous said...

This post made me sad! It all goes so fast.
Carrie S.

Paula said...

awww super emotional...

Jonathan's Mommy said...

This made me tear up! Lovely post!!