Monday, August 11, 2008

Top 10

1. Only three more days until we see the Fab Four live and in person. For some reason Steven does not think it would be "cute"  to wear black pants and either a red, yellow, blue or purple shirt. Come on, be a sport dad! He says he feels dumb enough the way it is because we are going to the 3:00 show which will be full of stay-at-home moms and very few dads. Hello, he's taking off work, I'm sure other daddy's will be doing the same.

2. My friend Jenny who you saw a few posts below got a surprise this morning in the form of her water breaking! And by 2:59 Jackson Marshal was here weighing in at 6 pounds. That's not too shabby for a kid who was almost an entire month early! I can't WAIT to see him!

3. We stayed up WAAAAY to late watching men's swimming. Did you guys catch our totally awesome men's relay team win the gold??? So worth staying up late to see. 

4. Who knew that at 7 o'clock in the morning my sweet little girl turns into a rude, obnoxious teenager. Seriously, she is the meanest person on the planet when we wake her up. Isn't she a little young to be starting that crap?

5. Sophie B.  is also counting down the days until she sees her cousins. We are going to stay at their house on Thursday night in Pittsburgh or I should say Crazyville because that's what it's gonna be. She'll be in heaven. Steven is counting down the days until he gets to play golf with his brother for the first time this year. He'll be in heaven too.

6. So I ordered 2 pairs of size 2T jeans from Old Navy and they came in the mail a few days ago. Uh yeah, slight problem, they are the longest jeans I have ever seen in my life! Apparently, even in the kid department jeans are made for the children of super models.

7. I came across this picture of the Spanish Basketball team this morning and all I can say is that some people seriously just don't give a flying sh*t. 

8. I'm really sad that Bernie Mac died. How can there be any more "Ocean's 11" movies without Frank!

9. It amazes me that people are surprised that John Edwards had an affair on his wife. This same man paid over $400 om a hair cut. Obviously he had to look good for someone. 

10. You want to hear something funny. Listen to a 2 year old sing  Frère Jacques. I've totally gotta record that one. 


Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

1. If I were a mommy, my kid wouldn't even know about the Fab Four. I'd use that little "v-chip" technology to block their obnoxious blather from my TV.

2. Congrats to your friend!

4. Who isn't grumpy when so rudely awakened from happy dreams of Dora and Jell-o pudding pops?

7. NUH. UH.

10. Record and post, tout de suit!

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Get it? I used French in my comment about "Frere Jacques"! I crack me up!

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Emma also got obsessed with Frere Jaques about a year ago. Hilarious. Right now it's "Life is a HIghway." That one is hilarious.

Thank goodness we're over the Wiggles. Whew.

As for the Old Navy jeans, ok, gonna have to get some of those. Poor Emma, she must have 3T jeans but they're HUGE around the waist, even with the adjustable waistbands. She can still wear her 6-18 month sized belts- on the tightest notch.

Anonymous said...

wish I could Sophie's face when she sees her Wiggles. The relay swim was beyound awesome. No doubt about it, Sophie LOVES to sing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jenny. I bet he is adorable.

Paula said...

The relay was GREAT..I almost woke Lydia up cheering them on...
on no on the Old Navy stuff..I just ordered Lydia pants and we do not need anything long for sure..before i start fall shopping..will there be a chance to shop in closet di sophie?

Katie said...

It cracks me up how excited you are about the Wiggles. Surely you can get Steven to carry his feather sword to the "concert"! So far Jordan is into dancing rather than any version of singing, but Sophie's song list is amazing. If you manage to record it, you have to figure out how to post it.

Janice said...

Yay for the Fab Four! Hope you guys have a great time!

Ava still sometimes wears some 12-18 month clothing so don't feel bad.

Yeah um, I was one of those people that were a little shocked that Edwards had an affair - but that's just because I am dumb and should have known better when a guy can spend $400 on a haircut!!!

The Kiser's said...

the look on her face says: "mom, put the daggon camera away already". great pic. what a cutie.

Anonymous said...


You are sooooo my niece. I have been glued to the coverage of the Olympics. This morning at 6:00am I was cheering for a wrestler from Azerbijian to pin his Russian opponent. And I don't even know anything about wrestling! It's too much fun. And Dad LOVED Sophie's rendition of Happy
Birthday. It was probably the best gift he received. Enjoy the concert!
Aunt Paula

Shana-Lynn said...

Don't even get me started on Edwards, he's a total scumbag.

As for the jeans, we have the exact opposite problem. We can't find them long enough and the ones we find long enough, are HUGE in the waist. I'm not sure who the design these clothes for, but it certainly isn't my daughter.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Jonathan is still 18-24 month sized and, now that he is wearing underwear, they are big on him!

You are going to LOVE the Wiggles! When we saw them, it was seriously one of the best shows I've seen barring Jimmy Buffett and perhaps Alison Krauss. My mom loved them too--Anthony is HOT!