Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Damn Dam

So Little Bit was in the bathtub this evening splashing and playing around. I was in the bedroom and I heard her drop something and say, "ah damn it!" NICE. But what was nicer was the little conversation we had when I went into the bathroom...

Me- "Sophie you really shouldn't say that it's not very nice."
Soph- "So I can't say damn it?"
Me- "No I'd rather you not. Your great grandmother might frown upon it."
Soph-"So only big people can say damn it?"
Me- "Yes, only big people and you said it again so quit."
Soph- "But I'm not "saaaayin damn it," I'm just telling you that I can't say damn it."
Me- "Seriously child did Johnnie Cochran come back reincarnated in your little body?"
Soph- "Can he say damn it?"
Me- "Oh damn it just get out of the tub!"

I could not could the number of times that we have had conversations exactly like this. Usually, just out of the blue she'll say, "momma, we can't can't shit can we?" Or "shut-up isn't nice to say is it."

And people have the chutzpah to ask us when we are going to have another kid. I think we are all stocked up with kid here!


Angie said...

But if you have another kid Sophie can teach it all the bad words kids are not allowed to say then she will being having those conversations and you won't have to. Seriously funny story though, had me and Jonny both rolling.

Anonymous said...

lord help us, she is EXACTLY like you when you were that age. That is a like having a conversation with you at that age. I guess you turned out pretty darn good though.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, she is YOUR daughter.

Hope to see you soon.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

What an adorable little stinker!

Katie said...

That's hilarious. You have to love her thinking, even when you want to ram a bar of soap in her mouth.

Jaidean said... funny. I love your posts!

Anonymous said...

Love your posts.