Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 On Tuesday, the Late Edition

I just can't seem to blog these days. Maybe it's because facebook is so big and it's just easier to connect there. But here's what's been going on in our lives over the past week.

1. Remember when I posted a pic of that adorable little boxer dog? Well we went and met her. She was a lunatic! Cute as a button but INSANE. All she wanted to do was growl and bite! I know puppies will bite but seesh. I'm chalking it up to the fact that she didn't have any litter mates to rough house with. We got in the car and said, "uh yeah, that's not the dog for us!"

So we are still on the lookout for a dog. We actually applied for a rescue boxer. Part of me thinks it would be better to get a dog that's a little bit older. Sophie will wear a puppy out. And I'm blaming our cat being a turd on her.

2. WVU football starts this weekend!!!!!!!!!! We are having some people over for a full blown tailgate. Can't wait. Nacho bar, wings, dips, beer. And a pinata, jump house, and pizza for the kiddos!

3. My mom is trying to talk me into going on one of those weekend bus trips to NYC. You leave Friday evening, get to NYC early Saturday morning, and get back on the bus Saturday night. Part of me REALLLLY wants to go. Part of me thinks it sounds like hell.

4. Karate with the Soph didn't pan out. Steven took her and said she was by far the youngest and smallest kid in the class. He did say that there was one little boy around 4 who was a full blown ninja! HA! Sophie liked it but it's expensive so we are going to stick with gymnastics.

5. We are actually going to a new gymnastics place this year. Maverick didn't have a class right after work this year. So now I'm going to come home and then head down to Huntington. As a side note, the gym in Huntington is owned buy a legendary Bulgarian gymnastics family. I swear, that's what the website says. HA! So I have high hopes.

6. So does anyone have the number to the Super Nanny. Sophie has been on MAJOR sassy pants lately. I'm talking MAJOR.

7. I looooove selling on ebay!! I can't believe that it's taken me so long to jump on that wagon! It's like selling at a yard sale with out the bickering over the price! I wish that I had more stuff to unload but I purge everything.

8. Another visit with a neighbor yesterday. Another visit to their bathroom. I mean, COME ON! This time it was just number one, thank god!

9. So I'm finally reading the True Blood books. Oooo are they scandalous. These vamps are definitely no Edward but they are doing everything I wished Edward had been doing in the Twilight books.

10. The Pioneer Woman's cookbook is coming out in a few months. I know what quite a few people will be getting for Christmas this year!

Here are a few pics from spending the day with Steven's aunt Jeff and Uncle Jack at their camp on the river. The captain tried taking for a spin on the boat.


Paula said...

i was thinking the same thing for the cookbooks!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I agree, don't stop blogging!! You and your daughter are entirely too funny! Love the giggles I get when following along haha. What is your EBAY link? Would love to buy some of the ADORABLE things for my girls. HAHA, I have to sign in as anonymous cause I have not blogged in so long I can't remember my password! lol

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I can't wait for that cookbook! I am so getting it for several people too!

If you find out how to contact Super Nanny, let me know. My kiddo needs an attitude readjustment!