Thursday, June 23, 2011


....I think that Wally and the Beav might roll on up and call this neighborhood home.

An outside family movie night? Yes please! How fun is that?! Our neighbors just threw up a sign in their drive way and come dusk, instant drive in! Gnomeo and Juliet was on the big screen.

Tired little girls who swam all day and were dog tied were in attendance.

Pre-sun down.

These two did this to themselves. I swear. Of course it only lasted .5 seconds before they were ready to explode!

So an awesome evening. Except for the walk home. That's when sophie jumped out of the wagon that my neighbor was pulling and announced, "i'm getting out of this damn wagon, there's too much shit in it." Klassy. We have GOT to nip that little habit in the bud before school starts in the fall. Or I'll be called down to the school just like my momma was called down to the school for me telling the story of a man named Bill. Who swallowed a dynamite pill. His chest expired, his ass backfired and his b*lls blew over this hill! True story. I was klassy like that too!


Tammy McCracken said...

I love reading your blog!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Great story! Jonathan has learned the use of the B word and he loves it. It's hysterical but he needs to stop!

Anonymous said...

very true story. i was also called in for you taking Pink Floyd"s We don't need no education" to kindergarten. lordy, i feel so sorry for