Monday, May 31, 2010

Then And Now


And now...

It has become a yearly tradition for us to load up and head to Snowshoe for Memorial Day weekend. It sort of kicks off summer. Once again we got lucky with great weather. The only bummer was the fact that the pool was closed. On Saturday evening, we decided to head to the same restaurant as we did last year. And believe it or not but the same little boy from last year was there with his parents! My camera was screaming for pictures!

I tried everything I could to recreate a few pictures from last year but the kids were too busy running. My pictures last year were 30493 times better last year. One would think that I would have improved over a year! I even tried to have them stand beside one another.

This was right before she said to him, "so do you like my dress?"

And then he looked at her like she had three heads! HA! But he did say "yes" when his momma asked him if he heard the question.

I finally connected all of the dots and figured out that this little boy is a summer neighbor of one of the judges I work for. For most of the year he lives in New York City. But come summer he heads down to Pocahontas County with his parents where his dad runs a summer camp.

Small world.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

How cool that the same kid was there! Love the last picture--she looks lovely in her pink dress!

Anne said...

I agree! I love her pink dress! Great shots Kim!