Monday, May 17, 2010

50 Months

Boy am I ever slacking in these monthly posts! I have one kid and one monthly thing I'd like to do and I can't. I wonder if it weren't for the TV show if Michelle Dugger would be taking notes on each and every one of her kids?

So here we are. 50 months or 4 years and 2 months to be exact. (Side note, I totally just wrote down 38 months, 3 years and 2 months, wow. It really is hard for me to wrap my head around you being a four year old.)

This past month we've been moving steady and surely into warmer weather. We face mornings that sometimes start out cold and then end up blistering hot. It's days like these that I've always had trouble picking out clothes for you. In fact, I find it hard to pick stuff out for myself on these days. 9 times out of 10 I end up over or under dressing you. But the point is that for four years and 2 months you have yet to flip your wig over me picking out your clothes. I thank the heavens above for this little gift. I know that ulitmely the day will come that you'll flat out refuse to put one something that I have picked out. So for now I'm going to hold on tight to one of the few remnants of babyness of you that I have left.

GiGi took you over to your great-grandparents last weekend. Mae has a broken arm and you wanted to go and visit her to make sure she had a pink casts like yours. I guess since you are a member of the broken arm club you felt as though you could relate. According to Gi, you cracked your great-grandparents up at dinner. After pawpaw Choo Choo had given the blessing, you looked that 83 year old man in the eye and said, "pawpaw you pray waaaay too long. Here allow me to do it." You then went through your "god is good, god is great" spiel, looked back at your 83 year old great-grandfather and said, "now isn't that much better pawpaw?" I guess they could have been appalled that you would speak to your elders in such a way. But the last time I checked neither one of them had a stick lodged where it shouldn't be. So instead they got a case of the giggles and had to admit that yes in fact, dear 4 year old great -granddaughter of ours, pawpaw prays entirely too long.

Your curiosity has just about pushed your dad over the edge this month. On more than one occasion you have asked, "just how did that baby get into Stephanie's belly?" So far he's managed to deflect this one with answers like, "ask your mom" or "why not just ask Stephanie." HA! You've asked me quite a few times. I've given you some lame-o story about growing up, falling in love and getting married. You have in fact asked Stephanie, and I think she might have told you God (perhaps Stephanie had an immaculate conception?). But I can see in your eyes that these answers aren't quite enough. The wheels are turning. You haven't pushed the question further, but I have a feeling that sooner rather than later you are going to want a better explanation!

There are other things you are curious about as well. Just last week I walked into your bathroom only to see you standing in front of toilet, pants down, lid up, trying to pee like a boy. Just another normal day here at the Carr house. When I asked you what in the world you thought you were doing, you cooly informed me that you were going to give this peeing while standing thing a whirl. Because, duh, girls can do anything boys can do. True my baby girl, true. If there is one thing that has sunk into your little head it's that you can do and become anything you want regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl, so why shouldn't peeing while standing be included? And to that I say, pee as you must.

Happy 4 years and 2 months Little Bit.
Love Mama


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I often feel the same way--one kid and I still can't get done everything that I want to do! So frustrating!

I am super happy that you found time to do this, though, because your Sophie stories crack me up!

Paula said...

too funny...our standard answer so far...God put the baby in there and the doctor takes the baby out. Although she keeps asking if I coughed her out LOL.

Kelly said...

How funny is Little Bit?! I love it!! I remember Andrew's theory that you swallow a seed, like a watermelon seed, and then you just poop it out when it's grown enough. And I say if she can pee standing up then it's time for a real camping a TENT!!! We're going July 4th.......