Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Steven and I are addicted to American Pickers. Thanks to the History channel hooking us up with a few weekend marathons, I now think that we have seen every.single.episode. We are getting pretty good at guessing the value of junk too! Makes we want to drive around and go pickin' too!

2. Report cards came out today! Girlfriend did pretty good. She needs to work on vowel sounds and a few other reading things. I'll admit that I'm HORRIBLE about working with her. And she fights it to the death. I told my neighbor today that really you don't need to know how to read to sell coconut necklaces on a beach in Thailand. Not saying that that's where she's gonna end up, but really, ya never know!

3. Who has their Valentine cards already made up and ready to go? This person! Woot woot! On the ball this year people. I'm loving some pinterest and all of the great ideas you can "pin." Now if I only had the time and $$ to make all of the things I have pinned!

4. So I stumbled across this blog the other day called An Inch of Gray. Oh my. Saddest blog I have ever followed in my life but I just couldn't stop reading. Long story short, Anna, was the mama to 12 year old Jack and 10 year old Margaret. One extremely rainy afternoon after school when the electric was off, Jack's friends came over and invited Jack outside to play. As time passed it began to thunder. Jack's mom got in her car to pick up the kids, yet Jack was no where to be found. A creek behind a neighbor's house swept him away. :( Jack's was found about 2 hours later. This grief stricken mama did everything she could to protect her children. She worried constantly about M rated video games, and child molesters, and Internet predators. Yet, not once did she ever think to warn her children about the mere possibility of a rising creek with fast moving water. Her story has stuck with me for days now. The day before the accident she had just posted pictures of their first day of school. Here today and gone tomorrow. Hug your babies. I had a little talk with Little Bit about not ever playing in a creek.

5. The Hunger Games movie comes out on March 23. I can't wait!

6. Speaking of books, I got a kindle for Christmas and I puffy heart lurve it! I didn't get the kindle fire, just the basic kindle touch. I though that i would miss holding a book. Wrong. Could not be happier.

7. 110 days remain until the Carr family hits Disney World. After this trip, I hope to never step foot in that place until my girl is all grown up, if ever! We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge. It was the closest to the Magic Kingdom we could get without paying 2 million dollars. Instead we are only paying 1 million.

8. I'm itching to paint some rooms in this house and change some things up. We have lived here for going on 3 years and right now there is not one single thing hanging on Sophie's walls. But alas, I am lazy and I can never decide what I want to do. Then when I do decide what I want to do, I'm too cheap to buy anything!

9. Friday night I have a dinner date with 3 of my favorite ladies. It's been too long since we've gotten together. Why do my friends and I stink so bad about getting together? Seriously. Totally, stink it up.

10. Alright, I'm out. Storage Wars is on. Guess I forgot to mention that we are addicted to that one too!

And here's a pic of our newest family member, Carly.


Neurotic Atty said...

So I was never a reader. I was the TV junkie in our family. My dad even locked me in a room to make me read one summer. But I just git a Kindle Fire for my birthday, and it had made me a reader. It feels like much less of a chore somehow.

Neurotic Atty said...
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