Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying again...

I have so got to get back into blogging. I've stepped away from face book some. I blame face book for the down fall of this blog. It became so easy to put a short little blurb on face book and slap a picture up rather than put forth extra time into blogging. The reason I started a blog oh so many years ago was to keep memories of my little family of three alive and kicking. In words and in pictures. It also doesn't help that I rarely pick up my camera anymore. I find my self just leaving my camera behind. I tell myself that "i can snap pics with my phone." Then I wonder why the pictures are horrible! So blog I must. Pictures or no pictures.

Lets see. It's now January. Since I last blogged we had Halloween. I had the cutest little gypsy on the planet. I love Halloween so much. I start thinking about costumes over the summer! And I know that my days are numbered in swaying Little Bit in her costume decision. It's just a matter of time until she insists on being icarly or some other commercial Halloween costume. Breaking my heart into a million pieces!

We took a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge with some friends. These three got along so well. I would take them anywhere any time. And Toby (in the middle) looks like a 4 year old stud muffin with his arms around his peeps. But Sophie says she's going to marry the the Tanner, the tall one. He doesn't know this yet. Nor would he want to know this. I hope so. I would love her mother in law. Her father in law? Maybe not so much! HA!

We had Thanksgiving. (I don't have any pictures of that but we made the trek to PA.)

We had the 3rd Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

This was my outfit. I really have no words. Other than to say that I felt as though the stuffed cat tied the entire outfit together. And i have to give a special thank you to my friend Missy's mom for finding me a banana clip.

Steven tried pulling off the Cousin Eddy a la emptying out the crapper look.

We had a Christmas play were Soph played Mary. It was hilarious. Oh yeah, and I found Jesus. Turns out he wasn't hiding in the couch cushions with the change. Actually, he wasn't really hiding, per se. He's always been there and I've always known that and I've always known that he thinks I rock. We just had to find the right place for our family. Found it. And now you'll sometimes find us with "church crowd" waiting for a table at the cracker barrel. Steven curses and says that we "use" to be able to beat the church crowd!

We celebrated Christmas. And it was a really awesome Christmas. Sophie didn't get too much nor too little. It was perfect.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll blog more about kindergarten. Or the fact that in 2 months I'll have a 6 year old! ahhahahah!

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