Saturday, May 16, 2009

3 Years 2 Months

Dear Sophia,

Where oh where did our tiny baby go? Aliens snatched her away from us and replaced her with a big kid. A never quiet, always questioning, sassy, big kid. Sometimes I think you would literally explode if you had to keep silent for longer than 10 minutes. Those same aliens also programmed you to wear a 1986 flower girl dress on a daily basis and do everyday things in it, like ride a bike. 

We love that you are so curious and observant. My god are you observant. Just today you asked your daddy what those two "Dora guys" were doing at the new house being built beside us. How in the hell you are able to spot a Mexican from 60 yards away I'll never know. But you nailed it. I mean seriously? Not once have I mentioned in casual conversation that Dora's uncles were down the street roofing houses. I didn't even know that the roofers were Mexican, in fact, I thought only the brick layers were. So see, you taught me something today.

We really need to start recording your little voice more. In time the funky little way that you say things will all but disappear. Take for example a few days ago. For some reason your daddy and I have been on a Jimmy Buffet kick and apparently we've listen to the the song "a pirate looks at 40" one to many times. When it came on the cd player in the car, from the backseat we hear "sheesh, do we have to hear Mudder Mudder Again!" HA! I love it. Of course I hope you don't grow up and introduce your future husband to your Mudder and Fodder. Luckily, we are really good friends with a speech pathologist who should be able to straighten that right out in case you decide to hold onto that particular quirk. 

At 3 I can, without a doubt, tell you two  things that you were  put on this earth to do. #1, love and care for all animals: 

Even furry wiggly caterpillars. But god not spiders. Or ants. Or the giant bugs that I've been finding in our bathroom (we both agree that if these suckers tried, they could pick up the toilet and move it outside.) These insects need "kiiiiiiiiled" immediately by daddy because in your words "they scare da crawp out of you" (followed by, "ooops, I not pu-poose to say crawp).

And #2, perform. Show you a stage and you are all over it. This was taken at a family reunion that happened to be in a multipurpose room that contained a stage. 

I personally like you you've got your leg hitched up in that photo. True rocker. I think you stood on stage and sang every word to "Country Roads" no less than 5 times. In a room full of Marshall fans you showed your true colors singing your heart out. 

So happy 39 months baby girl. Don't worry, we'll be the only ones who will remember you wearing a flower girl dress to get the mail. Because we are lucky enough to get to spend everyday with you. 

Love Mama


Anna said...

So stink'n cute. We might have a rockstar in the family. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it would be more like 5 minutes until she exploded. Love the wooden spoon she is using as a microphone. Sophie can be one of the funniest little kids I have ever been around. love every sec.

Paula said...

I love the flower dress

Katie said...

Love the performance picture. It really seems to capture her personality. You definitely need to break out the video camera some, but it is impossible to know when she is going to spit out something hilarious and adorable.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I love it! She is just too adorable!