Sunday, October 25, 2009

All she needs is an ark

I'm not even lying when I say that in one day, my crazy child picked up and/or petted no less than 10 different animals. She picked up a cat, a dog, 4 or 5 different goats, 2 chickens, and a rabbit. Petted an alpaca, a sheep, a pig, a mini horse, and a 40 year old turtle. She tried to pet a kangaroo but he wanted no part of it. I bet that I haven't picked up that many animals in my LIFE! Especially a chicken! Who in their right mind feels that a chicken needs picked up? No doubt about it, the kid loves her some animals.

I guess I should explain where all of the animal lugging and petting came from. Sophie's little friend Hannah, from gymnastics, had a fall/birthday party and they had a petting zoo at the party. Who knew that you could even rent something like that around here! But you can, and it was totally AWESOME. At least for Sophie. I made Steven go out to the car and grab a bottle of hand sanitizer! Of course it was pointless because right after she would clean her hands she would head right back in with the animals.


Anonymous said...

that girl sure does loves animals as well as grasshoppers and frogs. she definitely didn't get that from you. at her age you were cussing chickens. maybe she'll be a vet.

Katie said...

Sophie is definitely an animal person, though I have to admit I sometimes have reservations about people who just don't like animals. She is also fearless picking up and petting every animal she can. Is there a petting zoo in the future for Sophie's birthday?

CBRESQ said...

Wow. It looks like Sophie really enjoys her animals. I will have to keep this rent a petting zoo concept away from my husband or he will want to get a bunch of animals and go into the business.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

OMG, I am cracking up at Sophie holding a goat! I'm with you--I've not picked up that variety of animals ever!