Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Well sort of...I don't have Internet at my house yet (stupid me ordered the wrong modem) but my mom does so here I am. Us girls had a fabulous weekend at Snowshoe. Gesh can the 6 of us talk, I hope none of your ears were burning too bad!! Unfortunately, I came home to a baby with yet another ear infection. So another trip to the doctor and another round of antibiotics for us. This time the doc mentioned the possibility of tubes. One more ear infection and I think that tubes our definitely in our future.

I haven't taken many pics lately since I can't use my computer. So for now here's a few quick ones that I snapped this evening. My poor sick Little Bit with her sad sad pigtails!


Janice said...

Welcome back!! I was beginning to get Sophie withdrawal not hearing about what you guys have been up to. Sorry to hear about her ear infection. Hope you had a relaxing weekend, though.

Have fun watching "Lost" tonight.

Anonymous said...

Go with the tubes, and make sure Portugal does them. They are a true blessing and the procedure is only about 10 minutes. All 3 of the boys had them...Evan still does. Call me if you want the low-down!

Glad you had a good time. Every mom needs a little down time!

Maria said...

Poor Sophie, I hope she is feeling better!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Kim...glad you girls had a wild and crazy time. Ruddle filled me in a bit and it sounded like so much fun. Maybe next time y'all get together I won't be in trial. But we got a "guilty" today:)

About the tubes....I had more ear infections than you can imagine and I had tubes and then they took my tonsils out when I was just around 2. I've had one ear infection since. It's great. I hope Sophia feels better soon!

Wendy said...

I hope Sophie starts felling better soon. AND I hope you had a blast at Snowshoe. HOW FUN!!! Keep us updated on the tubes.... I am sure it will be so much better on all of you if the tubes just get done. My niece had them, and it has been a blessing for her.