Sunday, April 22, 2007

I don't "do" grass

Apparently grass isn't Sophia's thing. On Saturday we made an early morning stop by the park and this is about as far as she got.

She then gives us this look which to me says "are you kidding, you don't expect me to walk on grass do you?"

Rocks, concrete, astro turf, she'll walk on anything but grass! So for the rest of the weekend we tried practicing on grass. She's starting to get a little better but for the most part she looks at us like we are crazy. Unfortunately this is probably yet another trait she has inherited from her dear mother. I hate to admit this but when I was little (around 5) my grandpa would sometimes take me to school in the mornings. He would CARRY me from my house to his truck and then from the truck into school so my feet never had to touch the ground!! Can you say S-P-O-I-L-E-D! I'm sure this tidbit of information doesn't surprise a lot of you...I know which ones of you are thinking this.... JEALOUS! Just kidding!!!!

And here's one of daddy and Sophie, happy as a clam on concrete.


Stephanie said...

This is funny! However, I found out this weekend that Gracie does not have any problem with grass. She helped me wash my car this morning and I found her sitting out in the wet grass that had just recently been mowed just having a ball!

Anonymous said...

I can remember your grandpa and everyone else spoiling you, so it shouldn't come as any suprise to you that we spoil Sophie. Just give Little Bit alittle time and she will be running in the grass like crazy.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Jonathan was the same way about gras for the longest time! I think for him it was a texture thing--it's so uneven that he had a hard time keeping his balance. This year, though, he's completely unfazed, so maybe it's just a phase!

Aren't you happy that the weather is actually nice enough to be outside? Finally!

Janice said...

Very funny! Cameron never knew what to think of grass either - he hated feeling it around his ankles. Of course, that's because we're too lazy to mow our lawn. Don't worry, the more you get her on it, the more used to it she'll get.

Maria said...

The look on her face is just so cute, like, are you serious! I love it. Kimberly, from one only child to another... I refuse to believe that you were spoiled :)

Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

I am ignoring the fact that your grandfather carried you into school. But count me amongst the “not surprised” group!

What is it about grass? My kids HATED it last year. They’re over it this year but they would not sit on it or even touch it last year. It was like it was electrified or something!

Wendy said...

So cute. I remember when Julia did that. It was so cute. I loved the expressions she made when we set her on grass. It was too fun. Glad you had some sunshine.