Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wiggles Mania & I've Been Tagged

The last time I was "tagged" I thought my readers were going to throw a coup d'état because I failed to post a photo. Well I've been tagged again to post "Things you may not have known...or cared to know for that matter," by Janice and Jami. Sorry fellow readers but blog laws say that you can't ignore a tag. But don't worry this time I'll leave you with a picture of Sophia enjoying the fab four. No not the Beatles but the fab four from Australia, the Wiggles! So in the words of Anthony Wiggle, Shalom Alechem everybody!

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life
American Eagle Sales Clerk (HS)
Tanning Bed Receptionist (HS)
State Payroll Clerk
Law Clerk
(gee I've been dubbed a "clerk" a lot)

Four Movies I Would Watch Over and Over
National Lampoons Vacation
Love Actually
Steal Magnolias
Space Balls

Four Places I Have Lived
Williamsburg VA
Wichita KS
Siena Italy (for a whopping 2 months)
Morgantown WV

Favorite Bands And Singers
Dave Matthews
Fleetwood Mac
Snoop Dogg (go ahead make fun)

Four Loves of My Life
My mom
Select Family Members (you know who you are!)

Four Most Memorable Moments
Seeing Sophia for the 1st time
My wedding
Landing in Italy
1st day of college at WVU

Four of My Favorite Foods
Mocha frappuccinos
Any seafood

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
Culebra Island Puerto Rico
Anywhere in Europe
St. Martin

That's all folks. So now I'm tagging Andrea and Heather. And as promised here's a pic of Sophia. Do you think she's close enough to the TV?


Maria said...

I love that to kids the wiggles, big bird and others are like being in the front row of a rock concert!! Sophie looks so cute, I like that our girls are little squirts!

Anonymous said...

THE WIGGLES ROCK!!! You have to take her to a live show as soon as you can. I took the boys to Dorothy's Dance Party and they LOVED it. BTW..I'm sure I'm one of those select family members..LOL

Janice said...

Oh, my gosh, that's how my kids watch TV - terrible, isn't it?

As for Snoop Dog - reminds me of my college days - which I would've also added as one of the most memorable moments.

And, yes, I did watch Lost last week - it gets crazier and crazier!! Great episode. I left a comment on one of your other posts about it. Did you check out the link I have on my blog, "Lost Theories"? (got it from Jami)