Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lesson 1

Here are a few pics from our first swimming lesson last Sunday (these were taken by Anne. I could just see me dropping the camera to the bottom of the pool.). Aside from finding Sophia a new pediatrician, signing her up for swimming has to be one of the best moves I've made. She absolutely, positively LOVED swimming. She's a bubble blowing champ! Surprisingly, we were able to dunk her under the water and she'd come up smiling! Having people you know around makes it even more fun, thanks Anne and Stephanie for signing your kiddos up too! I can't wait for our next lesson.

Learning to float!

And here's my favorite! Gotta love that tongue sticking out!


Jami said...

looks like she had a blast. Love the tongue! How fun to sign up with your friends.

Anonymous said...

Boy are we going to have fun this summer Sophie B!!! Can't wait to go to class and see you, Gracie and Ethan "spishing and splashing". love ya

Janice said...

You are so funny!! I'd feel the same way about dropping my camera in the pool - although I might do it on purpose just to get a Digi- Rebel;-).

And yes, I do love the tongue sticking out!