Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Details

I mentioned that I was trying to round up some birthday party pictures. Well today Anne made my day when she posted a few of hers from the party. I'm sure that some of you have already seen these from her page but what the heck, I thought I'd re-post them (I worked my butt off on that party and so did GiGi, along with my pal Jenny who helped set up). Of course it figures that I would forget to take a picture of the entire room...oh well. Here we go...

The pièce de résistance: The Cake. Two tiers of heaven covered in butter cream but created by the devil since this confection caused me to fall off the wagon. The diet wagon that is. How sad is it that this stinking cake is bigger than my wedding cake! But in my defense we only had 25 people attend our Puerto Rican wedding. (There was a little oh-oh when then the cake lady was sitting up...but that didn't change the taste!)
The favors: #1 shaped sugar cookies. Again made by Tina the cake lady. Ok so not really the devil but OMG does she make sinfully delicious goodies.

The smash cake: And as the name implies it was smashed everywhere!

And this one just because I LOVE it!!! Sophia only lasted 2.0 seconds opening her presents. But wouldn't you know it that when Ethan decided to help out... little Miss Sophie B. got a little jealous. The day will come when Sophie would rather die than set on my lap, way too embarrassing. I guess I'll be able to whip this out to remind myself that there was a time when she was all about me!


Anonymous said...

It really was quite a celebration. Tina the cake lady was a sweetie and Jenny saved me from having a stress melt. Jenny I know just for that Kim thanks you alot. Anne, as usual, your pictures are great, btw, Ethan is precious.

Jami said...

I love the cake! Looks like Sophie had a great day.

Janice said...

Love the cake, the cookies, and of course, Sophie's dress!!! It's so girly :-). I wish we had a "Tina, the cake lady". I also love how Sophie's reaching for you in the last picture as if she's saying, "Hey, I want some lovin', too". So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. The day will come all too soon when Sophie will be to grown up for cuddles and kisses. Cherish the moments with every breath you have because time will pass too quickly. You did a great job on the party and I am so much in awe of what a great mom you have turned out to be. Who would have thought the spoiled little brat would grow into such a great adult!! LOTS OF LOVE!!

Janice said...

Ok, Kim, I just finished watching "Lost". How crazy is that episode??? What an awful father that John Locke has! How the heck did he get on the island? Again, more questions than answers... What did you think?

Can't wait to watch it next week.