Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This Box Rocks!

I've said it countless times in the 11 1/2 months that I've been a mom(which is long enough to make me an expert wouldn't you say?) but I'll say it again. Kids would rather play with empty boxes, Tupperware, and paper over high tech "learning" toys any day of the week. I learned this lesson back when Sophia was around 6 months old and began grabbing for things. So I know this but yet I still search high and low for the perfect toys and gifts. For her upcoming birthday we (actually I) decided to buy her a PB Anywhere Chair in pink (of course) with her name smack dab in the middle just in case any one comes over and wonders who the midget chair belongs to. I haven't given her the chair yet but the box appears to be a huge hit. Even her baby, "Miss Giggles," likes hanging out in the box. How much do you want to bet that she won't sit for a minute in the Anywhere chair! (don't ask me why her eyes look a little funky in this picture...i guess it's because of my mad camera skills.)

Sophia says "Thank you Mr. UPS Man for bring such a treasure to our house but if you've got a refrigerator box laying around that'd be even better!"


Anonymous said...

Of course, boxes are always more fun! The boys always dump out their toy box so they can hide in it...just wait til this Christmas! Oh, and yes, 11 1/2 months is definitely long enough to make you an expert!!:-)

Jaidean said...

That is sooo true! I am sure she will love her chair (evenually). Teagun constantly uses his now.

Janice said...

I'm trying not to buy anymore toys and kept a couple of diaper boxes because that's what the kids like playing with most. Go figure.

I just finished watching "Lost". You were right! It was pretty good. All the episodes with Sayid are always good to watch. :-)

Anne said...

It's always all about the box!!!!

Jami said...

the anywhere chair is the best! she is going to love it and use it for years.